Justine Hembury

Armchair anthropologist with 15 years in the media. Mum to 3 bright, challenging, hilarious and gorgeous boys. Guilty pleasures? Ebay and Strictly.

My most memorable sporting moment is ... 
Spectating: 2012 Olympics (too many to list) and Andy Murray losing Wimbledon.

I am happiest when ...
Playing tennis in the cold – day or night but what makes me happiest is always subject to change!

The sports person that best represents me is  ...
Me (and a little bit of Nick Kyrgios).

The three things at the top of my bucket list are
See the Kirov ballet in St Petersburg
2. Learn to ski properly
3. See the Northern Lights

A quote I try to live my life by is …   
“Lower all expectations and you’ll always be pleasantly surprised by what life throws at you.”