FEI partners with Redtorch to launch #WeDontPlay Tokyo 2020 digital campaign

The Olympic and Paralympic campaign celebrates the unique connection between horse and athlete putting the spotlight on a sport where all genders compete…

Latest #SportOnSocial report analyses the digital performance of Giro d’Italia 2022

The Giro d'Italia is the opening race of the trio of Grand Tours on the cycling calendar. How did it perform digitally in 2022?

FISE Montpellier – an excellent example of making sport more relevant to a global audience

Redtorch returned to FISE Montpellier for the first time since 2019, delivering onsite social media coverage to audiences worldwide

World Archery jump 12 places in the #SportOnSocial League Table 2022

Redtorch hears from Chris Wells, World Archery's Head of Communication, to discuss their rise in the #SportOnSocial League Table 2022

Volleyball World top YouTube and Twitter in the #SportOnSocial League Table 2022

We caught up with Ace Ferdinand Asas, Volleyball World's Digital Content Manager, to find out how they continued their social media success in this year's…

FINA tops Facebook in the #SportOnSocial League Table 2022 rankings

We caught up with Luca Fasani, FINA Digital Manager, to find out how they topped the Facebook rankings of this year's #SportOnSocial League Table

How World Athletics led the way on TikTok in the #SportOnSocial League Table 2022

We interviewed Ben Harlow, World Athletics' Digital Innovation Manager, to find out how they have performed better than any other Olympic International…

UCI and Redtorch extend TikTok partnership

The UCI and Redtorch have extended their TikTok partnership for a further 12 months

How Badminton World Federation topped the #SportOnSocial League Table 2022

We interviewed BWF's Head of Communications Lloyd Green to uncover how they topped this year's #SportOnSocial League Table

Why recreational audiences are the key for many Olympic sports

Redtorch CEO Jonny Murch discusses the benefits that focusing on recreational audiences can bring to International Federations

Badminton World Federation tops #SportOnSocial League Table 2022

Badminton World Federation replaces Volleyball World to top the #SportOnSocial League Table 2022

Why Reddit could be the missing piece of your tactical jigsaw

Here are 6 reasons how best to use Reddit and why it could be of interest to you.

We’re Hiring – Data and Insight Analyst

We’re looking for an entry-level Data and Insight Analyst to support Redtorch's research and performance team.

Wilson UK hires Redtorch to develop Instagram strategy

Redtorch has been appointed by Wilson to develop an Instagram strategy for its racket sports brand in the UK.

We’re Hiring – Communications Manager

We’re after a qualified Communications Manager to oversee Redtorch’s internal and external communications to the B2B sports industry.

FEI and Redtorch renew partnership to grow and engage global audiences

The FEI and Redtorch have renewed their long-standing social media and editorial partnership for a further 3 years.

The FA Women’s Super League tops the #SportOnSearch 2022 rankings

We’ve ranked 35 of the world's biggest sports properties by largest increase in search across 5 years.

Driving the social media performance of 206 National Olympic Committees

ANOC launched its hugely successful Digital Accelerator Programme in 2021. Its aim? To deliver a programme of activity that would improve the social media…

Redtorch Player Profile – Meet Jess!

I’m an overly competitive, dog-loving, hockey-playing, foodie. I’ve been working at Redtorch for nearly 4 years and the longest serving female at the……

How well do you know your audience?

One of the biggest challenges faced by any organisation is not having enough knowledge about its customers, fans or audiences.

10 key learnings from the Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup final

Live events are back - 4 glorious words all sport marketers have been longing to hear… and none more so than me as my very first live event beckoned. Where…

3 Big Observations from Leaders Week

Discussions centred around the impact of the pandemic and how fans engage with sport, the huge growth of and potential in women’s sport, the benefits and…

No video highlights? No problem!

There are two fiercely fought competitions during every Olympics. One is played out on our TV screens and features the world’s greatest athletes; the other is…

How to extract value from new audiences

Every sports rights-holder wants to increase its audiences on social media, and events are the biggest drivers of this growth...

A unique activation with Ebony Horse Club to capture new audiences

We arranged for young horse enthusiasts at the Club to enjoy a surprise visit during Tokyo 2020 from 3-time medalist, Tina Cook, and her 14-year-old…

Key insights from Tokyo 2020

Tokyo 2020 is a Games like no other. With no live audiences, digital content and distribution are more important than ever. We deep dive into a few key trends…

Our new Marketing and Communications Manager: Charlotte

Redtorch is incredibly pleased to introduce our new Marketing and Communications Manager, Charlotte!

Our new Senior Motion and Graphic Designer: Zi

Redtorch is incredibly pleased to introduce our new Senior Motion and Graphic Designer, Zi.

Our new Digital Insight Analyst: Tom

Redtorch is incredibly pleased to introduce our new Digital Insight Analyst, Tom

Tokyo 2020: how sports are navigating the lack of video content

With sports unable to share video footage, thinking ‘different’ when planning social media content has become more critical than ever. Here are 5 of our…

UCI appoint Redtorch to manage its TikTok account

Union Cyclist Internationale (UCI) has appointed Redtorch to manage its TikTok account during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and beyond.

Redtorch partners with BWF on #RaiseARacket Olympic campaign

Redtorch has created  the campaign strategy for this activation to  grow BWF’s digital audiences and increase audience interest in playing badminton.

Creative coverage of the Olympics is key to capturing new audiences

We caught up with FIG's Marketing and Communication Director Olivier Strebel to understand the tactics behind FIG's success in the #SportOnSocial League Table…

Redtorch and ISU release #UpAgain Pride Special

The #UpAgain campaign – a partnership between the International Skating Union (ISU) and Redtorch – has been extended with the release of its Pride Special this…

Redtorch leads successful social media workshop for 115 National Olympic Committees

In partnership with ANOC, Redtorch has just led the first ever ANOC Digital Accelerator Programme workshop.

Redtorch helps the UCI to ‘understand and redefine its strategy for years to come’

Redtorch delivers ground-breaking 100+ page Audience Analysis Report for the UCI.

Welcome to the Olympic family, IFSC!

Redtorch welcomed the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) to this year's #SportOnSocial League Table and spoke to Marco Vettoretti, Head of…

Why your sport should be on TikTok: your burning questions answered

TikTok is fast becoming a home of fandom and sport culture. Redtorch spoke to Olly Roland-Jones, Brand Partnerships, Sports at TikTok to find out why sports…

How Volleyball World nailed this year’s #SportOnSocial League Table

We caught up with Ace Ferdinand Asas, Volleyball World Digital Content Manager to find out how they nailed this year's #SportOnSocial League Table

How FIS became the top-performing Winter IF in the #SportOnSocial League Table 2021

We interviewed FIS' Communications Director Jenny Wiedeke to uncover how they became the top-performing Winter IF in the #SportOnSocial League Table 2021.

How FIG achieved significant fan growth on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

We caught up with FIG's Marketing and Communication Director Olivier Strebel to understand the tactics behind FIG's success in the #SportOnSocial League Table…

Volleyball World tops #SportOnSocial League Table 2021

Volleyball World has replaced FIBA at the top of the #SportOnSocial League Table 2021.

ICF launches digital fan engagement campaign #Paddle100

The International Canoe Federation (ICF) is set to launch #Paddle100 – a global campaign to inspire recreational paddlers to stay active and plan for their…

If you’re a sport looking for success on TikTok – you need to read this post

Here are 10 things you absolutely have to know for your TikTok strategy to be successful.

Redtorch uncovers fascinating fan insights for Reading Football Club

Redtorch is delighted to have partnered with Reading FC over the past 4 months.

E-FISE recognised with Sporsora Sports Marketing Award

Long-standing Redtorch client FISE has been recognised by Sporsora Sports Marketing Award for E-FISE Montpellier by HONOR 2020.

3.5 lessons from this year’s Super Bowl ads

Here are 3.5 lessons that anyone can learn from the ads at Super Bowl LV - regardless of your budget.

Redtorch welcomes new Senior Designer Tom Kirkland

Independent sports marketing agency Redtorch is thrilled to announce that Tom Kirkland has joined its growing team of creatives.

Prioritising audience segmentation in 2021

The Covid pandemic has caused a huge shift in consumer behaviour trends - here's why prioritising audience segmentation in 2021 is so important.

International Skating Union renews partnership with Redtorch for 2021

We’re delighted to announce that the International Skating Union (ISU) has renewed their partnership with us for the upcoming skating season.

Looking ahead to 2021 with Redtorch CEO Jonny Murch

We caught up with Redtorch CEO, Jonny Murch, for his opinion on 2021.

#WhichSkierAreYou quiz set to engage thousands of global snow sport fans for FIS

Redtorch has been appointed by the International Ski Federation (FIS) to design and build #WhichSkierAreYou.

Know your audience: consumer behaviour charts for 2021

Inspired by a recent blog, we’ve taken some consumer behaviour charts from recent industry reports that I feel are relevant to 2021. Why not take a look?

Our creative highlights from the world of sport 2020

As we look to the end of 2020, the Redtorch team reflect on their creative sporting highlights of the year.

ICF appoints Redtorch to engage recreational paddlers worldwide

The International Canoe Federation (ICF) has selected Redtorch to deliver a global campaign to engage recreational paddlers prior to Tokyo 2020.

Innovation. What has it meant for sport in 2020?

Innovation. What has it meant for sport in 2020? We've reviewed 3 approaches rights holders have taken to be innovative during COVID-19.

Redtorch is fundraising to help transform the lives of vulnerable children

Redtorch joins Right To Play and Liverpool FC Foundation to help transform children’s lives.

What can sport learn from the Christmas 2020 adverts?

What can sport learn from the Christmas 2020 adverts?

How innovation helped FISE overcome the challenges faced by COVID-19

Joseph Villeflayoux, Marketing & Communication Director at Hurricane Group shares his thoughts on how innovation helped FISE overcome the challenges faced by…

Reading FC partner with Redtorch to develop insight into their fanbase

Championship Football Club Reading FC has partnered with Redtorch to develop deep insights into their fanbase to drive commercial growth.

We’re Hiring!

We're a London-based sports marketing agency and we're looking for a purpose-driven Marketing Manager to join our team of sport-obsessed data fanatics,…

#UpAgain campaign is a finalist for The Drum Social Buzz Awards

The International Skating Union (ISU) worked with sports marketing agency Redtorch on #UpAgain, and together created a campaign which is nominated as a…

If you could play only one sport for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

There’s a potpourri of personalities, expertise and interests here at Redtorch. But the one thing we all have in common? We love sport. Here’s what Team RT…

Tokyo 2020: How Ottobock is adapting its marketing strategy to make history at the Paralympic Games

Heinrich Popow, Liaison Manager at Ottobock, shares his thoughts on how the Worldwide Paralympic Partner is committed to making history at next year's…

Redtorch chosen to support the digital growth of National Olympic Committees

Redtorch has partnered with the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) to help improve the social media performance of its National Olympic…

Hero, Hub, Help: A Winning Content Strategy for Sports Marketing

Redtorch Creative Director Matt Weiner explains how the Hero, Hub, Help framework helps deliver incredible results and provide the platform for unique…

Delivering the first ever E-FISE

When FISE Montpellier was cancelled due to COVID-19, action sports were in deep trouble. The solution? E-FISE Montpellier by HONOR. The world’s first action…

Why sport must accelerate digital innovation to survive

What a year it’s been so far ... with the disruption of the sporting landscape, it certainly hasn’t been the one we’d all planned for.

3 ways to unlock the true power of social media

3 ways to maximise the true power of social media and to elevate marketing efforts and drive audience growth.

What do clients really want from an agency?

In a world with so many of us out there (agencies, that is), choosing the one that’s right for you must be really, really difficult. If we assume, for…

How has COVID impacted FIH and what does the future hold for Hockey’s Governing body?

Nicolas Maingot, Senior Communications Manager at the Fédération Internationale de Hockey (FIH) shares his thoughts on 'how has COVID impacted FIH and what the…

Is strategy boring? Who cares, it wins gold medals

Before 2004, British track cyclists had won just one gold medal at the Olympic Games. Before 2012, no British rider had ever won the world’s greatest road…

Key insights from July’s #SportOnSocial Roundtable

How can brands and rights holders work together more effectively on digital?

6 Things I’ve Learned About Switching From Journalism To Marketing

Times have been tough for journalists for a while now but with so many titles like Buzzfeed, The Guardian and Q magazine contracting during the pandemic, the…

How can brands and rights holders work together more effectively?

Sophie Morris, Strategic Marketing & Sponsorship Director at Millharbour Marketing, shares her thoughts on how brands and rights holders can work together more…

Connecting sport to a healthier lifestyle – It’s a win-win for sports organisations

Health, wellness, fitness, exercise, sport … words like these feature time and again in modern lifestyle conversations. As a result, international sports…

What is the greatest sports TV series of all time?

From fiction to reality-based, there’s a sports TV series to suit almost everyone’s binging needs. They’ve certainly provided some light relief in the absence…

Why Words Matter

Language defines our humanity. A big claim, but true. Other creatures are able to communicate through sound, but only homo sapiens sapiens can discuss…

How to keep content fresh when there are no live events

'How do we keep content fresh when there are no live events?' A panel of industry experts included Michelle Sammet from World Athletics, Richard Pettit from…

TikTok – True Romance or a Lockdown Fling?

Key TikTok insights to help you decide if you should launch on the social media sensation that has surpassed 2 billion all-time downloads.

Key insights from June’s #SportOnSocial Roundtable

June’s #SportOnSocial Roundtable included a fantastic panel: Michelle Sammet from World Athletics, Richard Pettit from the IOC and Joseph Villeflayoux from…

“Now’s The Time To Get Creative.” How The ICF Is Steering Canoe Through COVID-19

We’re exploring the crisis response from a smaller governing body. Fewer resources demand greater efficiency and creativity; this is what Comms Manager Adam…

Digital Management In The COVID-19 Era: The FEI Experience

COVID-19 has presented both short and long-term challenges for the Fédération Equestre International (FEI) - We caught up with FEI’s Head of Digital Stéphane…

From idea to delivery: How we created a record-breaking campaign in just 3 weeks

Redtorch recently created the record-breaking #ForTheLoveOfEquestrian campaign for the FEI – after just 3 weeks of concerted effort.

What’s the greatest sports documentary or film of all time?

From classics like Bend it Like Beckham to modern-day phenomenons like The Last Dance, deciding on your favourite sports documentary or film certainly gets…

How Redtorch helps clients engage fans during lockdown

We've been working round the clock to deliver the highest-quality services to our partners during lockdown. Here are FIVE examples...

5 top tips to boost your sport’s creativity on social media

As we head into week 3 of lockdown in the UK, our Director of Operations Justine shares the 'best and worst' of these times.

Expectation vs Reality — The Lockdown Life of a Sports Marketer

At the time, we were full of positive ideas and plans that seemed realistic and achievable for ourselves and our clients alike.

How did the NFL manage its first virtual draft so successfully?

The first virtual NFL Draft took place last week and its huge success is testament to the NFL’s long-term investment in this non-competition event.

5 Tips to help you be more Productive during COVID-19

The unique situation of lockdown offers most of those WFH extra hours in their day.

Why International Federations must embrace Athlete Marketing

As we head into week 3 of lockdown in the UK, our Director of Operations Justine shares the 'best and worst' of these times.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

As we head into week 3 of lockdown in the UK, our Director of Operations Justine shares the 'best and worst' of these times.

Working from home week 3: A Bleak House

As we head into week 3 of lockdown in the UK, our Director of Operations Justine shares the 'best and worst' of these times.

Redtorch and ICC inspire the next generation

Redtorch and ICC took part in a webinar hosted by Sheffield Hallam University and Global Sports to share insights with sport business management students.

Tips for keeping motivated and sane while working from home

Our Director of Operations Justine Hembury shares several ideas on how to remain focused and productive while working from home in the COVID-19 lockdown.

How to engage sports fans in the current climate

No live sport means no new content. Or does it? The impact of COVID-19 on the sports programme has led to rights holders finding innovative ways to cut through…

Why 2020 is #SportOnSocial’s biggest year

Here’s the man behind the numbers – Redtorch’s Head of Research and Insight Ollie Davis – to chat all things #SportOnSocial in its biggest year yet.

FIBA Insights: Facebook is a central part of FIBA’s digital ecosystem

Facebook is the bulk of our audience outside China. It’s the bread and butter of our social media distribution chain and where we reach our biggest numbers.

FIBA Tops 2020 #SportOnSocial League Table

London, UK: FIBA (the International Basketball Federation) has replaced FIFA at the top of the #SportOnSocial League Table 2020.

#SportOnSocial 2020: Our new plan

In light of the challenges presented by the COVID-19 virus – we’ve decided to cancel this week’s #SportOnSocial 2020 event and deliver it in a different, safer…

World Rugby Insights: Making the most of Instagram’s three channels

World Rugby's Social Media Manager James Bass sheds light on the IF's approach to successfully planning content across Instagram's main feed, Stories and IGTV.

BWF Insights: Boosting Engagement on Twitter

BWF Communications and Media Manager Lloyd Green reveals what content generated the most engagement and views on BWF's Twitter accounts in 2019.

World Athletics Insights: Access to Athletics for All

Social and digital leads from World Athletics share insight into how the IF used its 2019 YouTube strategy to provide fans with as much athletics as possible.

Redtorch supports Right To Play in new charity partnership

In light of the challenges presented by the COVID-19 virus – we’ve decided to cancel this week’s #SportOnSocial 2020 event and deliver it in a different, safer…

FOUR tips to transform your Tokyo 2020 communications strategy

4 tips for International Federations and National Federations on how to grow audiences and build long-term brand value during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

FIVE ways your brand can maximise Facebook in 2020

Despite reports of decreasing engagement rates in 2019, Facebook remains the largest social media platform – here's how your brand can use it to reach new…

2019’s top social media posts from sports rights holders

As another incredible year of sport ends, we’re taking a moment to look back at some of 2019’s best-performing social media posts from sports rights……

Sports rights holders reveal their top social media platforms

Forget Joshua vs Ruiz... is there a social media platform that sports rights holders are backing to emerge as champion?

How can Interactive Storytelling improve low engagement rates?

Seven examples of interactive storytelling to help sports rights holders increase the lifespan of their content and successfully drive continuous engagement on…

Q&A: A look at FIBA’s paid social media advertising strategy

FIBA began to integrate paid social media advertising in 2012. José Pages, Digital Content Senior Coordinator (Europe), discusses its strategies and success.

Facebook or YouTube? Streaming advice for second-tier sports

If rights holders are to reach global markets with acceptable production quality, the streaming choice is Facebook or YouTube. But how do you choose between…

#SportOnSocial event to reveal invaluable digital insights

Calling all digital gurus in Olympic sport! Join us in Lausanne as we discuss how sports can improve their performance on social media and inspire more people…

August’s 5 best-performing social posts from International Federations

We keep a close eye on social media tactics IFs try, test, reuse and adapt. Here are our Top 5 social posts for August.

Does winning a race guarantee social media success?

Five examples of the best-performing content Tour de France teams shared on Facebook on the days one of their riders didn’t pull on the yellow jersey.

How 6 teams used social media to reveal their 2019-20 NBA schedule

This week's 2019-20 NBA schedule release may sound boring, but NBA teams took to social media to bring the process to life.

FIVE federations with the best social media posts in July

How are federations using social media to grab the attention of new and existing sports fans and what can we learn from them?

FINA defies ‘dying’ Twitter trend with Gwangju 2019 success

REDTORCH analysed FINA's Twitter use during their 2019 World Championships and presented 4 ways FINA successfully used a ‘dying’ platform.

Is misjudged creative killing your sport content?

If creative overpowers sports action, it distracts, frustrates and disengages fans. But when spot on, it is the difference between good content and great…

FIVE ways Wimbledon wowed YouTube

What can you learn from the 2019 Wimbledon Championships? Read on to find out 5 top tips to ace YouTube during live events.

How did the Cricket World Cup perform on social?

A snapshot of fan growth and engagement on the Cricket World Cup's official social accounts during the 2019 tournament (30 May - 14 July).

How did Wimbledon perform on social?

A snapshot of fan growth and engagement on Wimbledon's Official social accounts during the 2019 tournament (24 June - 14 July).

FIVE lessons from the FIFA Women’s World Cup that will enhance your Instagram strategy  

How did FIFA engage with the influx of women’s football fans on Instagram? We looked at what they did well and came up with these 5 lessons. 

How did the FIFA Women’s World Cup perform on social?

A snapshot of fan growth and engagement on the FIFA Women's World Cup official event accounts during the 2019 tournament (7 June – 7 July).

Top 5 sports campaigns on social – June

With focus this month on the FIFA Women’s World Cup, we are especially pleased to witness a huge investment by brands to bring women’s sport into the…

FIVE top tips for creating the best live-event sports content

Our Social Media experts returned home from FISE Montpellier with a handful of top tips for creating the best live-event content.

FIVE takeaways from the inaugural Urban Sports Summit

REDTORCH’s very own CEO, Jonny Murch, spoke on a panel “The Future of Urban Sports”. Here he shares five takeaways from the Summit.

THREE ways audience analysis will help sports maximise Tokyo 2020 

When you have 33 different sports vying for people’s attention, just how do you cut through the noise and deliver an effective Olympics communications…

International Federations – A Recipe For Social Media Success

A lot of time and effort are invested in all social media surrounding World Championships. Communications are key, not just in the moment but also in the years…

Top 5 Sports Campaigns on Social – March

Our round-up of March's top sports social media creatives!

#SportOnSocial 2019 – 1 Week To Go

We're only one week away from the launch of our #SportOnSocial - THE report that analyses the social media performance of all 35 Olympic International…

#SportOnSocial 2019 – 2 weeks to go

It’s just two weeks until the release of our third annual #SportOnSocial (26 March 2019) – THE Report that analyses the social media performance of all 35…

The Future of Global Sport Report – what it does and doesn’t say

The Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) recently released a report called ‘The Future of Global Sport’.

Top 8 Sports Campaigns on Social – February

Our round-up of February's top sports social media creatives!

#SportOnSocial 2019 – One Month To Go

It’s only one month to go before the launch of our third annual #SportOnSocial (26 March 2019) – the social media report that analyses the performance of all…

International Federations and Athletes – working together to build a brand?

Branding is far more than just your product, it can also be your identity. In the minds of customers, a brand has a unique set of associations that represent…

Can athletes be their own media companies?

Dan Reed, Facebook Vice President of Global Sports and Media Partnerships, believes that ‘athletes are their own media companies’. 

Sports teams or entertainment brands?

As a lover of sport my entire life, I often wonder what it is that draws people to engaging in sport (whether as spectator or participant).

Top 5 Sports Campaigns on Social – January

Our round-up of January's top sports social media creatives!

Trends on Social in 2019

Originally being used simply to enable great content to achieve the recognition it deserved, the social media landscape has become somewhat polluted with…

Gillette’s new marketing campaign: a seriously bad shave

Very few brands can shift culture, yet so many try. Think Pepsi’s ‘Live For Now‘ or Heineken’s ‘Open Your World‘ – two campaigns with admirable intentions but…

2018 – A Review Through Red Tinted Glasses

2018 was certainly a year that REDTORCH will always remember.

5 takeaways from Host City 2018

The 5th edition of Host City took place this week in Glasgow, attracting over two hundred representatives of event hosts (cities), rights holders and a variety…

REDTORCH Recruit: Mikayla Billin

REDTORCH welcome our newest recruit Mikayla to the team.

Facebook Watch – A New Platform for Sports? (Updated)

Facebook has opened its designated video channel to audiences outside the United States and is letting more content creators monetise video through its ad…

3 rules sport must learn from Love Island

Love Island is the British sensation that’s taken over millions of screens at 9pm, 6 days a week, for the last 8 weeks.

How many followers have you lost in the Twitter purge?

Last week, Twitter announced its effort to “build trust and encourage healthy conversation” by locking accounts that detected sudden changes in account…

Everything you need to know about IGTV

IGTV is a new platform that allows creators to post vertical, long-form videos on Instagram. It is available in a stand-alone app and within the native…

FEI – Using Instagram Stories to drive website traffic

This FEI link between Instagram Stories and website enables direct contact between audience and influencer – avoiding the whim of algorithms.

3 Ways to Deliver Great Live-event Paid Social

The facts speak for themselves – 515,000 people attended FISE Montpellier 2018 over the 4 days (and it would have been more had the 5th not been rained……

February’s Best Sports Creative

Our round-up of February's best sports creative!

What Does Facebook’s New Algorithm Change Mean for Sports?

Facebook’s News Feed changes present one of 2018’s biggest challenges for sports rights holders, but it also presents the perfect opportunity to engage fans on…

Virtual Reality: Home Run or Striking Out?

Virtual reality headsets are fast becoming the latest trend in the sporting sphere, offering fans some amazing new experiences that connect them to their…

How Data Can Secure a Host City for Your Event

For a host city, the list of sports and entertainment events on offer is long and constantly growing. ESports, action sports and other mass participation…

October’s Top Sports Creative

Our round up of October's best sports creative!

September’s Top Sports Creative

Our round up of September's best sports creative.

NFL’s Game Pass is the Way to do OTT

The NFL's OTT platform has taken what REDTORCH considers to be the three pillars of OTT – data, technology, and narrative – and integrated them seamlessly into…

8 Easy Ways to Grow Your OTT Audience

If you’re in the process of launching your OTT platform, or simply considering it, you’ll want to do it right… Revenue from OTT platforms is expected to swell…

4 Simple Ways to use Instagram Stories at your Next Event

Just when you thought you’d come to terms with the plethora of social media at your disposal, Instagram went and introduced Instagram Stories.

OTT Insights: Why Would Someone Pay to Watch Your Sport?

Commercial rights holders such as the NBA and the NFL have already established OTT services, but in 2017 there has been a number of launches from rights…

10 Things Sports Should be Doing on Social

Here are 10 things sports rights holders should currently be trying to do on social media.

Understanding OTT Platforms – Part III: Narrative

Throughout history, one thing that hasn’t diminished is the power of a good story. It’s something creatives have always known: that despite countless…

Understanding OTT Platforms – Part II: Technology

In Part II of this series, we put in place the next building block – OTT technology.

Understanding OTT Platforms – Part I: Data

Understanding your audience is crucial to a successful Over-The-Top (OTT) platform strategy.  Knowing who they are, where they are, and what they like will…

Moment Marketing – How Sports should use Instant Messaging

Even if you’re not quite ready to dive into the world of AI, you should start to think about your presence on Instant Messaging platforms. 

What’s Happening on Weibo? | PART II

In Part I of our Weibo insights, we looked at how China's two most popular sports leagues, the Chinese Basketball Association and the Chinese Soccer League,…

Turn Audience Data into Tourism

How sports event hosts can leverage their audiences.

Why Sports Should be Embracing Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was all the talk at this year’s Brighton SEO conference.  Most of the chatter was around the increasing adoption of AI and its…

Is a Lack of Free-to-Air Content Killing Sport?

Football.  Rugby.  Cricket.  Golf.  Formula 1.  Lately it’s been difficult to find a televised sports event that you don’t have to pay for. 

3 Simple Ways Data Can Help Grow Your Online Audience

Last week at SportAccord Convention this topic was high on the conference agenda. Probably because more data has been generated over the past two years than…

What’s Happening on Weibo? | PART I

Basketball and football on one of China's biggest social media platforms.

Understanding Your City’s Sports Audience

Behind every great sports event there is a great team.  A team working tirelessly off the field to ensure the success of teams working on it.

5 Lessons Sport Can Learn from Gaming

The video game industry is constantly innovating and evolving.  New technology constantly drives change, whilst the creatives maintain a compelling narrative.……

6 Tips for On-Site Communications in China

China.  It’s the last frontier for sports events in the developed world.

Super Bowl 51 on Social Media

It was the biggest come back in Super Bowl history.  Even if you’re not an American Football connoisseur, the general sports fan can still admire the awesome…

5 Ways eSports can Benefit Traditional Sports

If I mention ‘eSports’, you might think of League of Legends, Counter-Strike or Call of Duty. But in places far removed from traditional gaming networks,…

Why Your Strategy Should be Mobile First in 2017

Optimising for mobile should have been on everybody’s to-do list for at least the past 5 years.  But in 2017, it’s more important than ever. 

How to Make Your Strategy Mobile First in 2017

In the first part of our New Year Digital Insights edition, we explained why your strategy should be mobile-first in 2017.  Here in the second, we’re going to…

Our 1 Top Tip For Host Cities in 2017

Hosting international sports events can engage and inspire your local population and promote your city to a global audience.

Adapting Your Sport: an Interview with FINA’s Head of Digital

It’s important for International Federations to have a coherent digital strategy. The more popular a sport, the more it generates commercial interest and the…

Not for Sharing: The NFL’s New Social Media Policy

The NFL has been suffering a popularity issue of late.  3 weeks into the season, the League implemented a new social media policy for its 32 teams.

5 Ways Data-Driven Campaigns can Boost Event Impact

Cities regularly bid to host sports events to support local and national development strategies. Sport events may boost media coverage, drive tourism, engage…

Table Tennis Innovation Leads to Millions of Match Views

On 1st November, an England-Greece table tennis match gained more than 2 million views via Facebook Live on the media page SPORTbible.

6 Digital Trends to Shape Sports Marketing in 2017

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How Facebook Live Will Change Sports

In 2015 95% of all total sports program viewing happened live.  Zuckerberg really wants to add ‘on Facebook’ to the end of that sentence.

How Facebook Live Will Change Sports

In 2015 95% of all total sports program viewing happened live.  Zuckerberg really wants to add ‘on Facebook’ to the end of that sentence.