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Jonny Murch, Chris Argyle-Robinson and Alex Ross had one goal when they conducted a management buyout of Redtorch in 2015:

bring back evidence-based marketing in Olympic sport with a sharp focus on effectiveness.

Since then, Redtorch has become one of the agencies most trusted by Olympic International Federations (IFs).

We have a clear point of difference from other agencies.
No competitor could have pitched to conduct an extensive Audience Analysis Report for one International Sport Federation (IF), while simultaneously pitching to manage the TikTok account of another.

Redtorch won both pitches. Why?

· Because we understand that marketing was founded on a simple principle that you understand what people want before selling to them

· Because our Research & Performance Lab is packed with experienced analysts who ensure that insight is at the heart of everything we do

· Because we know that effective marketing must follow a 3-step process: Diagnosis. Strategy. Tactics.

Our award-winning work has made us the go-to agency for dozens of IFs that – as a result of our young, passionate and friendly team – consider us not just long-term partners, but friends.

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