We believe that research and insight need to underpin all marketing decisions. Our team of experts use leading technology and a variety of research methods, combined with their years of experience working in the sports and entertainment industry, to generate actionable insights that help shape the future of global organisations.

Data is at the heart of Redtorch and every strategic decision is supported by our insight both internally and for our clients.

Ollie Davis, Head of Research & Insight


Market Intelligence

Market size & positioning

We identify audiences with similar characteristics, interests, and behaviours to understand the commercial potential and to develop new products and services.

Competitor analysis

Using a range of research tools, we produce actionable insight that identifies how your competition positions themselves within the market, what they are doing well and how you can outperform them.

Sponsor match

We present audience data, digital ideas and content ideas to attract sponsors that align with your organisation and your audience.

Audience and Data Insight

Audience analysis

We identify audience growth potential and opportunities in your sport and brand by combining qualitative and quantitative research, to understand audience demographics, interests, and behaviours.

Database solutions

We aggregate, clean and consolidate all of your data silos to improve the quality and to accelerate the performance of your marketing and communications.​

Audience management

We manage the sourcing, analysing, defining, and activating audience data to optimise cross-channel campaigns.

Digital Performance Management

Channel Performance and Benchmarking

We maximise your online visibility and channel performance to accelerate digital performance, and benchmark against competitors to maintain and improve market position.

Content Optimisation

We optimise your content to maximise audience reach and engagement by monitoring your digital audience behaviours and algorithm changes to digital channels.

Paid Media Management

Our team of experts combine unrivalled platform knowledge with data-inspired creative to guarantee brand awareness, effective fan acquisition and revenue growth.

“There is a great difference between knowing and understanding: you can know a lot about something and not really understand it.”

Joseph Villeflayoux​, Marketing and Communications Director​


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