Deliver a campaign to help Colossus Bets expand and diversify its customer base, attracting new audiences and player registrations at the time of the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship.


Potential audiences of Colossus Bets are more likely to have a personality trait that values humour and fun, which are values represented by the social and community-driven approach to betting by Colossus Bets.


Redtorch performed in-depth audience and market research to identify positioning and messaging options. We then delivered a test and learn communications programme to refine and finalise messaging and branding to incorporate in the campaign to maximise audience growth and engagement. 

The outcome was the production of the #BetterTogether campaign. 

Colossus Bets had no affiliation with the 2020 Euros so Redtorch produced an original, humorous brand campaign launch film, three mini films and created a user-generated content (UGC) competition on social media. 

A digital and social media buying programme targeted relevant audiences to drive campaign performance. Creative and messaging was adapted across the campaign to optimise campaign performance. 


1. 233% increase in unique website visits

2. 629% increase in audience impressions

3. 650+ unique player registrations

“Over the last year we have developed a great partnership with Redtorch. Their dedication to delivering a successful brand campaign was evident in all aspects of our communications and we built up a great rapport with several members of the team. They have helped us deliver our goal of increasing brand awareness exponentially through audience reach with a positive impact for Colossus Bets in the long term, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Redtorch in any future campaigns.”

Jennifer Sharpe, Head of Social, Colossus Bets 

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