To provide the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) visibility of the current social performance, resources, and challenges of all 206 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and to create a benchmark for measuring the impact of future programmes.


•  Undertook the largest ever social media audit of NOCs, including analysis of over 550 social media handles, to understand which social media channels they use

•  Analysed all NOCs through social media monitoring tools, a custom-built survey and priority technology

•  Sent a multi-lingual survey, completed by 137 NOCs,  to investigate the resources, strategies and challenges NOCs face on social media

•  Provided more context into performance (NOCs grouped by social media size and external factors, including population size, internet penetration, and Olympians)

•  Translated and evaluated all survey responses to understand the landscape of NOC digital and communication teams


•  Production of a best practice audit sent to to every NOC

•  Presentation of key findings to ANOC Marketing Commission (since uploaded to its website and resulting in coverage from media publications and NOCs)

•  Actionable insights into NOC social media performance and factors for success

•  Database and measurement framework for future NOC social media performance benchmarking: this established pre-Olympic NOC social media benchmarks

A massive thank you to the Redtorch team. The ANOC Report is the first of its kind and is fundamental in us gaining a better understanding of NOC performances on social media and how we can best support them ahead of the Olympics and other key events. It also allows the NOCs to understand where they stand in comparison to their peers, and hopefully promote more exchange for their mutual development.

Gustavo HaradaNOC Relations Manager, ANOC

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