Inspired by a recent blog, I’ve gathered some consumer behaviour charts from recent industry reports that I feel are most relevant to 2021. Here's 10 of the best:

1. How we watch video has changed – find a way to relate to your audience

2. A generation ignored by digital marketers

3. Livestream commerce is growing – but will largely appeal to mobile first markets

4. Over a third of YouTube viewing is via TV – indicating its reach for consumer engagement

5. Amazon and TikTok move up the agenda for distribution of content and for products

6. Attention vs cost of media – how to plan your media mix effectively

7. Consumer behaviour changes beyond e-commerce

8. Mental health/wellbeing self-help measures

9. Sports equipment and online classes benefit as consumers seek products that help develop their skills

10. Health and hygiene are an essential focus for brands – how can sport take advantage?

I hope you find these consumer behaviours interesting as you plan for 2021, and that they provide some relevant and useful insights.

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