Market Research & Insight

We believe that research and insight need to underpin all marketing decisions. Our team of experts use proprietary technology and a variety of research methods, combined with their years of experience working in the sports and entertainment industry, to generate actionable insights that shape future decision making.

Ultimately, we seek to understand the market, audience behaviour and motivations to help sports organisations know why people make decisions. This intelligence enables us to change how people think, feel and act.

What we offer

— Market Intelligence

— Audience Profiling

— Digital Performance Analysis

— Database Management

— Sponsor Identification

— Content Optimisation

"Data is at the heart of Redtorch and every decision we make is supported by insight."

Ollie Davis, Head of Research & Insight


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Strategy & Planning

Our highly-experienced team of experts provides data-driven strategies that guide the business decisions of many of the world’s leading sports organisations.

Specifically, we align communications and marketing strategies to become more effective in supporting company goals. Furthermore, our data-driven approach to media ensures your brand engages more of the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

What we offer

— Media planning & buying

— Marketing Strategy

— Business Growth Consultancy

— Campaign Strategy

— Content Strategy

— Sponsorship Rights Optimisation

"We enable our clients' goals to become a reality by providing strategic and planning consultancy across all major and emerging digital channels."

Chris Argyle-Robinson, Strategy Director


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Creative & Content

Fresh creative thinking underpinned by purposeful strategy is key to growing and engaging audiences. At Redtorch, we believe there are lots of good ideas but our talent lies in finding the right ideas to help you achieve your goals.

We produce the highest quality creative and content for all channels – from animation to video, graphics to editorial – all designed to share passion and inspire action.

What we offer

— Creative Ideation

— Content Production

— Creative Design

— Campaign Delivery

— Content Distribution

— Social channel management

"We create content that makes a difference by connecting you to your audience in meaningful and measurable ways."

Matt Weiner, Creative Director


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