This FEI link between Instagram Stories and website enables direct contact between audience and influencer – avoiding the whim of algorithms. A valued and trusted source of information is thus created, a go-between for followers that guarantees message delivery.

The FEI’s increased use of Instagram Stories in 2018 has driven, on average, 49% of all page views for a large majority of published articles on; these are pure extra views that articles did not receive previously. Fans are, therefore, frequently consuming FEI Stories, showing a more invested, loyal and genuine connection to the brand.

By viewing Instagram Stories as a separate platform within Instagram, FEI has highlighted how it can extend not only its reach but also how it personally interacts with fans by facilitating a self-contained narrative based on a published piece. A bridge is built between federation and fan base, one that speaks to its key audience by BEING part of the audience.

49% of all articles viewed on in 2018 have come from Instagram Stories

Sticking to a recognisable narrative and style creates brand awareness and following. Consistency is your best friend here – tone of voice, graphic content, etc – everything based on an aesthetic solely for Instagram Stories. (And the beauty is they’re always interchangeable dependent on what’s being linked, so you can be as creative as you dare!)

On the back of this, FEI creates links to live streams, articles, subscriptions and more during live events, so fans can follow competitions on multiple channels and from different points of view. They have the option for complete immersion (if they wish!) in the brand and the ability to tailor their viewing individually.

It is obvious that the FEI wishes to convey fun and passion through their stories. Using subtle Call to Actions and interactions, rather than appearing simply as an advertising platform, demonstrates yet again how the FEI uses Instagram Stories as an extended voice, one that genuinely speaks to its fans.

Images: FEI Instagram Stories
FEI Instagram: FEI_global


Here are some examples of  how the FEI uses Instagram Stories as an extended voice that speaks to its fans.