In 2020, Redtorch’s Research and Performance Lab began collaborating with Sheffield Hallam University’s Academy of Sport and Physical Activity to make a positive impact on the sports industry by addressing key challenges and exploring innovative digital frontiers in global sport.

The research team at Redtorch and Sheffield Hallam University’s Sport Business Management Masters students have worked closely to drive innovation and advance research practices across a range of topics across the digital sporting landscape. By quantifying online pressures faced by elite athletes, developing modelling techniques for sports fan segmentation, and exploring new digital methods to analyse interest in a sport, the research has resulted in deeper theoretical understanding and practical solutions.

The partnership celebrates Sheffield Hallam University’s reputation as being a leader in applied research and leverages the combined expertise and resources from both entities to make a positive impact in the global sports industry.

“We are excited to celebrate the ongoing success of our partnership with Sheffield Hallam University,” says Chris Argyle-Robinson, Research & Strategy Director at Redtorch. “It highlights our dedication to pushing research boundaries while amplifying the strengths of both organisations as they drive progress and address industry challenges.”

Robbie Millar Lecturer in Sport Business Management at Sheffield Hallam University explains, “we are delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate and work with Redtorch as they are industry leaders. They provide enriching opportunities for our Masters students to gain experience of real life projects and allow them to apply and develop their skills beyond the classroom”.

Redtorch and Sheffield Hallam University look forward to expanding on their collaboration in the years to come.

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