It’s difficult to keep up with the constant flow of creativity running through the sports industry. It’s pretty much a full-time job.
So, to help ease the burden on those scanning social media, we’ve decided to expand our office inbox and include you in our monthly round-up of sport’s best creative.
This month includes innovative designs from World Surf League, Red Bull, Arizona Cardinals and Bristol City FC.


Red Bull’s surfing arm have made good use of Instagram’s ability to stack medias in posts.
Their new campaign ‘My Garage’ kicks off with pro surfer Kanoa Igarishi. It’s a great use of the athletes available to Red Bull, and of a platform which suits this type of behind-the-scenes content.
We even think the text scribbled on at the start works for this campaign.

We love it when lesser-known sports clubs make the effort to get creative, especially in a typically bland commercial space like professional football (soccer for our American friends).
Championship club Bristol City FC made these brilliant goal alerts for twitter. Again – a great use of the athletes at their disposal. If only more sports realised this.
Bristol City accumulated more twitter followers from this tweet than any other in 2017, with 469.

Now we get to the major players. When it comes to sports creative, the United States is streets ahead. The NFL, NBA and MLB all do a stunning job on social media, and so do their teams.
One team that often catches our eye is the Arizona Cardinals. This simple yet effective visual has the perfect balance of information and imagery. A great idea well executed.

In the States, College football is a big deal. Teams are professional on the field, and professional off it. We like this simple video from Auburn Tigers after their victory over Missouri Tigers. Fans like to use social media as a window into their team’s existence behind-the-scenes. Give them something interesting to watch.
Follow this recipe and you’re sure to achieve some social media success for your sport:

  1. Capture emotion…
  2. …and display it in slow motion
  3. Write simple yet powerful copy
  4. Use a banging soundtrack

Humour is a tricky thing to get right. When it’s done well, it will get you bucket-loads of engagement.
We think the World Surf League has got it right with this competition clip of pro surfer Stuart Kennedy. Have the confidence in your team to let them execute their ideas, there’s only one way to find out if you’re funny or not!

Probably our favourite sports creative of the month. MLB team the Pittsburgh Pirates created this short computer-game-styled video to announce their 2018 schedule.
We think this creative was certainly worth the effort. Making this an interactive game for fans would definitely take it to the next level.

See you next month for our round-up of October’s top sports creative!