Over the past year, promotional videos for high-profile boxing events have drawn attention not only for their quality production value but also for their profound impact.

Recent major fight announcements have captivated hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide, garnering widespread acclaim from fans, athletes and pundits. Comment sections (usually filled with heated debate) have largely been united in praise.


The power of a strong concept

Why does a strong concept matter? What can we learn from these promo videos? Despite substantial budgets and dazzling visual effects, their success often hinges on a single powerful creative idea.

This concept acts as the backbone of the narrative, enabling various visual representations to be explored while ensuring the message remains potent and engaging.

Why strong, simple ideas drive exceptional creativity

Clear communication

A compelling message becomes significantly more effective when it is simple and clear. This allows for a stronger integration of visuals to enhance the message and leave a lasting impression on the audience. Any impact is maximised when the concept is straightforward and the design uncluttered so that the message can be felt as well as seen.


In a time when we can be overwhelmed with content and information, a simple idea cuts through the noise to become more memorable to the audience. Quick, easy comprehension of a message increases the likelihood that it will be discussed and shared; the campaign’s reach and effectiveness is then extended through organic word-of-mouth.


Simple ideas adapt flexibly across various platforms and formats – from videos and graphics to print, social media and outdoor advertising – to guarantee consistency throughout every campaign element to make them a recognisable part of a unified strategy. When all components of a campaign are linked to a central, straightforward concept, they reinforce and amplify the core message, increasing the campaign’s overall effectiveness.

Examining the impact of strong, simple ideas in recent promos

Fury vs. Ngannou – ‘The Battle of the Baddest ’(28 October 2023)

Key idea: the destructive power that comes with a punch from a heavyweight champion.

The promo for this fight centres on the sheer force of both fighters, Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou, each one famous for their punch power. Importantly, the atmosphere can shift from comical to dramatic with no loss of impact because the message is clear enough to adapt to a range of tones

Joshua vs Ngannou – ‘Knockout Chaos ’(8 March 2024)

Key idea: likening the chaos of this mega-fight to the wildness of a video game.

At this point in time, former UFC champion Ngannou had shocked the world by scoring a knockdown against Fury in a close match, making the upcoming bout against boxing superstar Anthony Joshua a somewhat bizarre and chaotic event. Putting it in the world of a video game – and drawing parallels with iconic games like Street Fighter and Tekken – highlights this atmosphere and leaves room for scalability. At its simplest, the typography does enough to take us into a fictional gaming world where anything is possible.

When scaled up to a no-expense-spared promo vid, it allows for visual effects where one punch can make you disintegrate or send you into space. Such scalability is possible because of the strength of the central ‘video game’ concept.

Matchroom vs Queensbury – ‘5v5’ (June 1, 2024)

Key idea: each promoter is playing the cards that at their disposal.

Promoting a unique matchup of five fighters from Matchroom against five from Queensbury, each promoter puts forward their fighters as if they are dealing cards – bringing us into a world rich with imagery. The journey takes us from using the diamond and heart icons in the wordmark and incorporating the fighters onto playing cards, right up to a five-minute video where promoters Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren sit across from one another on a gambling table. Every single detail connects back to that one relatable and memorable concept of playing cards.


Fury vs Usyk – ‘Ring of Fire ’(18 May 2024)

Key idea: the culmination of a long global history of battle.

Perhaps the most cinematic of recent promos, this video places the Fury vs Usyk fight within a grand historical narrative, echoing epic battles of the past in the wild west, the Colosseum and the seven seas. The script and narration add to this concept, suggesting that the fight is more than a sporting event but rather a continuation of historical confrontations through the annals of history.

The concept is clear, and the visuals of Fury in a pirate outfit is a striking one, sure to be memorable and evoke an emotional response.

Conclusion: Key Takeaways for Sports Rights Holders

Rightsholders should consider a few key areas when leveraging the power of simplicity in promotional campaigns.

Focus on distilling the campaign’s message to its essence

  • A simple and powerful idea, executed with intelligent creative, can have a great impact regardless of the scale of the project.

Test for clarity

  • Before even making a start, double-check that the central idea can be succinctly explained in a single sentence. Use this clarity to guide the creative process and ensure the final product resonates clearly with its intended audience.

Consistent messaging

  • Continue to check that each touchpoint relates back to the core message and communicates it effectively. Put yourself in the shoes of the audience when reviewing your work and try to understand how they might interact with it.

In conclusion, the simplicity of the idea behind a promotional campaign is instrumental in its success. As demonstrated by recent boxing promos, a clear and compelling central concept captivates in the moment and leaves a lasting impression.

In the world of creativity, less is often more.