#SportOnSocial will be ranking the social media performance of every World Cup team to discover the winners and losers on social. Here's how the results will be measured.

#SportOnSocial has become international sport’s number one benchmarking tool  by measuring and comparing social media metrics such as reach, engagement, views and growth.

During the World Cup, however, we will compare the social media performance of every team and then measuring the intensity of emotions that drive the highest engagement.

A team’s performance on the pitch is a huge factor in driving social media growth but, unfortunately for digital marketing and comms teams, this input cannot be controlled.  

Emotionally engaging content, is proven to be the best way for organisations to grow their audiences in digital. Which is why this new metric has been added to the #SportOnSocial algorithm.  

Throughout the tournament, we expect to see the teams that produce content that connects with fans on a more intense emotional level to overperform on social. 

This could mean that the winner of the #SportOnSocial World Cup 2022 could well be a dark horse rather than the team that ultimately lifts the famous golden trophy in Qatar. 

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