Redtorch is delighted by the global response to the launch of our #OnePlayTrueTeam campaign for World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

The campaign went live on Play True Day on April 14 – an annual event that sees the sporting community come together to raise awareness of the importance of clean sport. This year’s campaign has generated nearly 160k engagements and a reach of 161m – almost double the previous record of 87m back in 2021.

From strategy and creative to video production and graphic design, it’s been an honour to play our part in such a valuable cause.

We wanted to build a team spirit among the WADA staff, anti-doping community, athletes, and their entourage around their shared values.

This led us to create #OnePlayTrueTeam – a campaign that invited them all to join the world’s biggest team playing together for clean sport.

To pledge support, they were invited to join the world’s biggest team photo.

The campaign launched with a scripted film that shows that your #OnePlayTrueTeam could be your teammates, coaches, family, or friends … In other words, anybody that supports you in your clean sport journey.

This film was followed by a UGC campaign in which the global sporting community was invited to share a picture of their #OnePlayTrueTeam and they responded in their thousands.

The campaign extends from digital to print with onsite activations at this year’s WADA Symposium where the anti-doping community gathered to show their commitment to the cause.

Redtorch has also created a #OnePlayTrueTeam athlete engagement experience that will see WADA tour continental multi-sport events starting with the European Games in Poland in June.

Click here to find out more about the campaign and download your own #OnePlayTrueTeam assets.

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