• Research by Redtorch reveals Barclays Women’s Super League (BWSL) recorded a 258% increase in worldwide search in 2023 compared to its previous 4-year average – more than any other sports property
  • Huge boost for women’s sport as six women’s sport properties feature in the top 10
  • Every major women’s sport property in the report achieved an increase in search last year


The BWSL achieved a record-breaking 258% increase in online search in 2023 compared to its previous 4-year average, cementing its place as the fastest-growing sports property in the SportOnSearch 2024 report – indicating the enhanced awareness and interest in women’s sport overall.

BWSL tops the table of 55 high-profile sports properties in the latest independent SportOnSearch 2024 report produced by research, content & creative agency, Redtorch, using data from Google Trends.

The growing strength and interest in women’s sport is also highlighted by the fact that six women’s sport properties ranked in the top 10 in 2023.

SportOnSearch 2024

As a further boost to women’s sport, SportOnSearch data shows that the sector has enjoyed consistent year-on-year online search growth since 2020 with an even greater increase predicted for 2024.

Additionally, every women’s sport property in the 2023 report experienced an increase in online search.

The latest Redtorch SportOnSearch report highlights that the rise in popularity of women’s sport shows no sign of slowing down.

Following a hugely successful FIFA Women’s World Cup that attracted new fans, it’s great to see the Barclays Women’s Super League capitalise on this and achieve a record +258% online search growth.

Given the year-on-year increase in online search for women’s sport since 2020, it’s clear that improved visibility, media coverage and financial investment are making an impact – helping to grow interest in women’s sport, inspire a new, young generation, and break down existing societal bias.

The analysis of online search over the past four years is really encouraging. It indicates the strength and awareness of women’s sport will continue to increase globally.

Jess Reus, Head of Communications & Women’s Sport Lead, Redtorch

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