Welcome to SportOnSearch, the only report ranking 55 of the world’s biggest sports properties based on search in 2023 compared to their previous 4-year average.

SportOnSearch2024 is provided exclusively by Redtorch. It ranks leagues, series, annual events and tournaments by tracking worldwide Google Trends data in 2023.

“It’s our continued belief that search is a simple – although not the only – indicator of interest in (and subsequently brand health of) a sports property. 

“Ultimately, we want this report to provide insights that help you make the right decisions to improve the brand health of your sport.”

– Redtorch Research & Strategy Director, Chris Argyle-Robinson

SportOnSearch 2024

Why is SportOnSearch important? 

Search is an important indicator of brand health.

The aim of any brand is to capture a space in the consumer’s mind to ensure that it becomes more attractive to more people at a faster rate, boosting market share in the process.

Search data across Google indicates how often a sports property is successfully catching consumer attention.

SportOnSearch curates this data to offer meaningful comparisons and insights into sports brands and their health.

SportOnSearch 2024

SportOnSearch2023 – the headlines

An exceptional year for the Barclay’s Women’s Super League (BWSL)

BWSL is the standout performer, achieving 258% growth in worldwide search compared to its previous 4-year average, higher than any other property by a considerable distance.

Big gains for women’s sport

The most impressive changes can be seen in women’s sports properties: all experienced an increase in search, with 6 ranking in the League Table’s top 10.

Increased exposure for developing leagues

The search growth of emerging markets such as Major League Soccer (MLS) (+87%) and the Athletics-based Diamond League (+85%) sees them rank 2nd and 3rd respectively.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) makes the biggest leap

WWE rose 27 spots, the highest jump up the Table, outperforming all other combat sports – as a result of significant search growth (+21%).

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