Arthur Guisasola, International Sports Partnership Lead at TikTok provides insight into how International Federations (IFs) can stay one step ahead on the social media platform, with Paris 2024 firmly insight.

Being successful on TikTok is all about staying on top of the latest trends and algorithm changes. Are there any changes IFs should be aware of in 2024? 

Achieving success on TikTok requires publishers to curate and share a diverse range of content that encompasses such things as trends, highlights and behind-the-scenes glimpses. The TikTok algorithm is recognised for fostering interest-based communities which allow publishers to engage a broader audience by crafting varied content types. Authentic content that is native to the platform and provides behind-the-scenes views or real-life experiences work best on TikTok.

Publishers who strategically integrate a well-balanced mix of both long and short-form content plus photo mode, consistently witness greater success on TikTok. Videos longer than a minute are widely consumed by our community, as are photo carousels that tell stories in unique ways. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so always try to work with the content tools at your disposal. Most importantly, interact with your community and give them what they’re looking for!

All IFs have their eyes set on Paris 2024. What advice do you have for those IFs looking to capitalise on the Olympics, engaging with fans and reaching new audiences on TikTok? 

When we speak to International Federations, we advise them to create a diverse range of content to effectively engage a broad cross-section of TikTok users. We have seen that videos featuring highlights and training, behind-the-scenes footage showcasing athletes, and athlete interviews that give a sneak peek into their lives, are especially popular.

International Federations are the go-between of athletes and fans, so find unique ways to empower those athletes and give fans the content they’re craving. Every athlete has their own unique story, but more than that they will each have a preference on how they want to ‘show up’ on the platform.

Given the unparalleled access that IFs have to athletes, this can act as a key differentiator, especially when coupled with TikTok video-editing tools alongside the use of trends, effects and sounds readily available on our platform.

With video footage being limited at the Olympics, do you have advice for IFs on how to maximise the content they can access? Are there any particular content themes you think will perform well away from sports footage? 

International Federations will have more access to their athletes prior to the Games. Take advantage of these moments to capture content from training sessions, interview the athletes, and film some unique behind-the-scenes moments. The TikTok community love getting to know more about their heroes and how they’ve prepared for the Games!

When the Games are live, International Federations are encouraged to leverage archive footage to celebrate athletes who are performing on the day, as well as utilising photo mode to share stories about their athletes as they compete. Also, make sure to take advantage of the space and access you’ll have during the Games to find out how to bring that experience to your community on TikTok.

To achieve success on TikTok and drive the highest engagement levels, you’ll need a nuanced mix of diverse content styles to ensure fans are getting all the content they want.

What has TikTok itself got planned for Paris 2024? How will the platform be pushing sports content during the Games? 

In the UK, we have a very exciting partnership with both TeamGB and ParalympicsGB, but more broadly our objective is to engage with as many touchpoints as possible.

This involves collaborations with the IOC, broadcasters and International Federations to ensure optimal coverage of highlights. We’re working closely with the Olympic and Paralympic movement and their stakeholders to provide the content we know our community will love.

Drawing inspiration from the engagement witnessed at Tokyo 2020, we anticipate our dedicated community of Olympic and Paralympic enthusiasts will actively contribute by creating content around their unique Games-related experiences. This community engagement – from producing their own stitches of videos to jumping on the latest Paris 24 trend – is what makes TikTok special and what makes content fly on the platform!

In just one word, describe the next twelve months for TikTok 


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