Volleyball World's Digital Content Manager Ace Asas explains how they topped this year's #SportOnSocial League Table.

A big congratulations for ranking 1st overall in the #SportOnSocial League Table 2023 – up from 2nd place last year! Do you think any of the strategic decisions you made were particularly key to this success?

Thank you so much. It’s great to rank first and see the product of our hard work. In terms of strategy, we really wanted to focus on what the platforms are recommending us to do such as long forms for Facebook & more Reels on Instagram. We also listened to our community on what they wanted more of. Overall, every strategic decision got us to where we are and we are not stopping.

You also came out top on Instagram, moving up from 3rd place. Did you specifically prioritise this platform in 2022?

We didn’t specifically prioritise this platform but we listened better to what the platform is telling us, i.e. push more Reels, and we also improved the storytelling of our events, players and teams, capitalizing on the other features of the platform such as the carousel and Story.

What tactical executions that performed well in 2022 are you looking to continue going forward?

Short-form videos remain one of our main focuses and we will continue to improve how we deliver this type of content. Meta has recommended that we use Facebook Reels more at the same time as pushing more YouTube shorts.

How does social media fit within Volleyball World’s wider marketing strategy and long-term goals?

Social media is a frontliner of Volleyball World and will always and forever be a major touchpoint to showcase our products, campaigns, events, community building, the rising and established stars of volleyball and beach volleyball.

What advice would you give other federations for creating a successful social media strategy?

The main advice I can give is present your sport to your audience based on how each digital platform is recommending or advising you to push content.

We listen, we strategize, we execute and then we evaluate to keep on improving. Our winning formula over the years.

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#SportOnSocial League Table 2023