Messi confirmed as the most engaged with player on social media at the FIFA World Cup

It was yet another accolade for the Argentinian superstar as he racked up more social media engagements than any other player at the tournament.

Messi amassed 281,706,038​ engagements and 24,055,162 new followers during the tournament. His post in the aftermath of victory has reached 56m likes and counting, making it the most liked in the platform’s history.

New world champions Argentinanicknamed the Albiceleste because of their White and Sky Blue kit – ranked no.1 for new followers (their 4.1m was 17% of the total) and 3rd for engagements with 274.1m. They also had the post which evoked the strongest emotional response from fansa photo of Messi lifting the World Cup trophy and the message: “The picture you always dreamed of, we always dream. Thank you, Captain!”

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