A few months ago, Redtorch committed to become a carbon neutral agency.  

It involved making a concerted effort to reduce and offset the carbon footprint associated with our activities from the energy consumed in the office to the coffee we drink, the energy we use when working from home, the transport we use and the environmental impact the products and services offered to our clients. It was laborious but incredibly insightful and worthwhile. 

Alectro – an official global partner to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s (UNFCC) initiative and Climate Neutral Now – were engaged to help us achieve our goals and provide independent measurement and advice on how we can reduce our emissions.  

The emissions audit involved a comprehensive overview to determine the current carbon footprint of our agency. Across two months, Alectro analysed every aspect of our business during 2022. Following the report, they have detailed a comprehensive plan for our next steps in reducing our carbon emissions. We have a low carbon-footprint, but we pledge to do what we can to reduce it further.  

The following report demonstrates our existing emissions: 

  • Annual emissions: 25.55tCO2e 
  • 75% of emissions linked to business travel. 
  • 19% of emissions are linked to business operations. 
  • 6% of emission are linked to our facilities. 
  • This is the first year of analysis and the base year is 1.28 tCO2e/employee. 

Our Pledge 

To reduce carbon emissions, we will look at more energy-efficient technologies in the office, reinforce the importance of using public transport on commuting to work, offer a Cycle2Work scheme to help staff purchase their own bikes.  

For the purposes of transparency, we will report our impact publicly.  

Unsurprisingly, our main issue is that of business travel. Historically we have used the easiest, quickest, and cheapest option of travel. We pledge to ban domestic flights and instead use ground transportation and where possible, travel by train across to Europe. In addition, we can explore ways to promote sustainable practices to our staff, reduce waste and promote environmental awareness through our day-to-day and with company culture and policies.  

Off-setting any remaining carbon emissions is a key component of becoming a carbon-neutral business and by doing this we can help take a major step towards mitigating the environmental impact of our operations and contribute to a more sustainable future.  

We want our team and clients to know that we are committed to being a more sustainable business, feel proud of who they work for and with and in turn increase their engagement and morale with a more sustainable future for all. 

Redtorch is pleased to share the message of sustainability in sport through sponsorship of THE SPOT. 

On the 8 and 9 May, The Spot is bringing together sports industry leaders, investors and experts to network, learn and collaborate. This year’s aim is to make sustainability a top priority so that it becomes the new normal. Click here to find out more aboutThe Sports for Nature survey – run from the Redtorch stand at the event – is designed to help achieve this goal by acting as the catalyst for igniting key conversations about the importance of nature in sport. 

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