Redtorch is pleased to share the message of sustainability in sport through sponsorship of The Spot 2023.

On the 8 and 9 May, The Spot is bringing together sports industry leaders, investors and experts to network, learn and collaborate. This year’s aim is to make sustainability a top priority so that it becomes the new normal.

The Sports for Nature survey – run from the Redtorch stand at the event – is designed to help achieve this goal by acting as a catalyst for igniting key conversations about the importance of nature in sport.

The survey also accompanies the climax of the Sports for Nature Challenge powered by Sails of Change – helping industry stakeholders look for and implement innovative solutions that enhance biodiversity conservation within sport – with the winners being announced onsite.

Redtorch, ThinkSport and Sails of Change will release a report formed from the survey findings, alongside expert commentary from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), The Shift Agency, the Sustainable Mountain Alliance, and the Sustainable Sports Lab.

This report will help create a benchmark that measures the development of our industry’s attitudes over time, and highlights key areas in need of greater support to become sustainable.

Redtorch looks to lead by example. It is passionate about reducing its impact on the planet and is actively working towards becoming carbon neutral: a company emissions analysis has been completed and a series of actions to reduce/offset its carbon emissions is about to be implemented.

“The sports industry needs to acknowledge the importance of sustainability and biodiversity and understands their impact on the planet. Our industry is inextricably linked with nature. Can you imagine football without grass, swimming without water, or running without clean air?

We are very excited to be working on this project to help make sure that the sports we love are sustainable in the future.”

Jonny Murch, Redtorch CEO

Redtorch at The Spot

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