Redtorch launches #SportOnCreative a podcast all about great sports campaigns by the people who made them.

Redtorchis thrilled to announce its new monthly podcast series #SportOnCreative – the only series dedicated entirely to the creativity of sports campaigns aimed at those working in the industry.  

Whether it’s a classic Nike ad or an out-of-this-world Red Bull stunt, we all have our favourite sports campaigns. Well now you can find out how they are made thanks to #SportOnCreative, a new show about great sports campaigns by the people who made them.  

Each episode features a chat with someone from the industry about their favourite campaign; how they made it, what worked, what didn’t and what we can all learn from their experience. 

#SportOnCreative host and Redtorch Creative Director Matt Weiner says,

“Creativity is one of the most important drivers of marketing effectiveness so by interviewing the people behind the best campaigns it’s like giving our listeners a cheat code.”

The series kicks off with sponsorship legend Tim Crow who reveals how a fleet of remote-control mini MINIs whizzed around Olympic regulations to steal the show at the London 2012 Olympics and, in the process, create a new tool in the sports marketers’ playbook.  

Tim, who was CEO of international sports marketing agency Synergy and continues his work today through his own consultancy, provides fascinating insights into the mini MINI campaign which saw this fleet of remote control MINIs retrieve javelins, hammers, discus and shots at the Olympic Stadium during London2012.

In the interview he reveals:

  • How MINI manoeuvred around the Olympics no logo regulations.

“The Olympic stadium is a clean bowl with no logos allowed so everybody wanted to know how these MINIs were allowed. The answer was very simple….” 

  • Why MINI did it best.

“There are other car brands who have followed us but MINI is such a distinctive brand that it’s perfect for this activity. When you see a Nissan or Toyota come onto the field of play it’s just not quite as much fun.” 

  • The importance of creative bravery. 

“Really great campaigns require an element of bravery if you are going to cut through and generate headlines.” 

Future episodes of #SportOnCreative include a chat with PR guru Andrew Bloch about the time he convinced snooker star Jimmy White to change his name to Jimmy Brown, cooking up a perfect PR sensation for sponsors of The Masters, HP Sauce.

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