Redtorch takes a sustainable leap following carbon emission audit and off-set requirements.

Redtorch has completed a comprehensive carbon emission audit and taken significant steps to become carbon neutral.

“Sport is dependent on nature, so it has a responsibility to take action to reduce its carbon footprint and inspire others to do the same.

There is already a huge shift in mind-set in the industry towards planetary health and through our carbon emission audit and our purchased offsets, we are taking tangible steps to reduce our environmental impact and become a more sustainable organisation. We hope to inspire others to join us on this journey.”

Jonny Murch, CEO

We partnered with Alectro – a renowned sustainability technology business aligned with the UN who work with other sports organisations – to conduct a thorough carbon emission audit. The audit assessed Redtorch’s carbon emissions across various operational areas, identifying opportunities for improvement and outlining a clear roadmap towards carbon neutrality.

On the back of this, Redtorch is implementing a range of sustainability initiatives. These include encouraging staff to embrace sustainable practices in their daily work routine including their travel to work and promote a more health-conscious lifestyle towards the planet. We have banned domestic flights and encourage ground travel abroad where possible.

One of the strategies implemented in the audit is the concept of offsetting. We strive to minimise our emissions to the lowest possible level but the journey of achieving complete carbon neutrality through reduction is a complex task. To close the gap and minimise emissions, Redtorch is actively participating in offset programs to compensate for its remaining carbon footprint.

By adopting such measures, not only do we help minimise environmental impact but we’re also striving to create positive influence on our clients and suppliers.

We will encourage and engage with those of our suppliers without sustainability commitments to measure and report their impact.

Climate Neutral Now - Redtorch takes sustainable leap

What does off-setting mean?

Carbon offset involves investing in projects that mitigate or remove an equivalent amount of carbon emissions to those produced by Redtorch, its suppliers and customers. This ensures a carbon neutral impact and contributes to the fight against climate change. By funding initiatives such as healthier living in disadvantaged communities, forest conservation, sustainable agriculture, and renewable energy projects, we are actively working to offset its emissions and create a positive environmental impact.

A vote was cast among the RT team and Promoting Clean Cooking Solutions For The Disadvantaged Households In Nepal now benefit from our contribution. We are very proud to be helping this community and pledge to reduce emissions further to help other initiatives working with less privileged areas.

Our small contribution towards a healthier, more sustainable planet should ripple through other sports organisations and industries and make sustainability an essential responsibility.

As part of the commitment to transparency, we will regularly monitor and report on our sustainability progress. We endeavour to inspire other organisations we partner with to undertake similar initiatives, fostering a culture of sustainable and environmental stewardship.

Redtorch makes sport more relevant to more people; we pledge to make sustainability more relevant to more people by bringing it into our arena.

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