The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has launched a new digital campaign – created by research, content and creative agency Redtorch – to build awareness of the dangers of anabolic steroid use among young people aged 15-24.

With support from fitness influencers from across Europe, WADA are inviting young people to join the Natural Training Movement because #NaturalIsEnough. The campaign runs from November 20 to December 17.

The campaign features seven male and female creators from the UK, France, Germany and Spain. In a series of videos on Instagram and TikTok, each reveals the doubts they’ve had about their bodies and how they overcame them by training naturally.

The influencers invite their followers to share their workout content using the hashtag #NaturalIsEnough as well as directing them to the WADA website to learn more about the mental and physical dangers of anabolic steroids.

Social media places immense pressure on young people to conform to unrealistic ‘Love Island’ body standards and the recent deaths of fitness influencers underline a problem that is spiralling.

Fitness influencers who use steroids in secret are setting unreal expectations for their followers. Today’s culture places pressure on young people to look bigger and win at all costs. I massively felt this as a young swimmer, and unfortunately a lot of young people will turn to steroids for a quick fix. One of the main causes of steroid abuse is an individual belief they are not enough, not big enough, not slim enough, not strong enough, not fast enough. But steroids can affect your physical and your mental health.

Lucy Davis, influencer, @lucydavis_fit

We want to create a movement around training naturally. So want to show young people that fitness creators have body doubts too – but our goals should always be achieved by training naturally because #NaturalIsEnough.

Matt Weiner, Redtorch Creative Director

Find out more on the WADA website, search #NaturalIsEnough, or follow Lucy Reeves (@lucy_xfit), Julian Franklin (@the.franklin), Lucy Davis (@lucydavis_fit), Carlos Alix (@carlosalix), Alex Villani (@alexandrevillani), Oyinda Okunowo (@oyinda_fitness), Ollie Rhoda (@ollierhoda).

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