Is your sport part of the “squeezed middle” – a phrase coined by The Unofficial Podcast that aptly describes how many sports rightsholders are struggling to compete in the commercial, sponsor-led world?

Emotional storytelling brings tangible benefits. By challenging the preconceptions of commercial partners, they will see your sport as it really is and how it could enhance their brand.

It can be incredibly difficult to ensure commercial partners hear your voice as they get loads of sales decks packed full of stats about audience figures and territories reached. While your sport might not be able to compete with football in terms of social engagement, you can definitely get a share of the pie by offering an extra something that’s both tangible and unique.

Here’s what you can do …

  • Get in the room with commercial partners by successful communication: let them know what your sport stands for, what makes it special, how it makes people feel.
  • Treat commercial partners like sports fans. Don’t just hit them over the head with big numbers but help them understand what your sport is all about. In other words, win over their hearts before their wallets.
  • Create inspirational marketing videos using emotional storytelling and cutting-edge editing techniques to cut through the noise and start new commercial conversations.

Here’s how we can help …

The Redtorch team excels in creating award-winning content and campaigns. Over the last two Olympic Games, these have proved hugely effective in connecting millions of casual sports fans with sports they wouldn’t otherwise be interested in.

We’re now applying the same art and science to help our clients find new event commercial partners and host cities. We use our bespoke, collaborative creative process to get to the heart of why a sport matters.

How World Sailing did it …

World Sailing wanted a new approach to communicating the value of the World Sailing Championships for future hosts and partners, as well as stakeholders within the sport.

Redtorch’s collaborative and creative approach was both enjoyable and productive, and we are delighted with the final video.

Working with them brought a fresh eye to what could be achieved using emotional storytelling to sell our sport.

Scott Dougal, Director of Communications & Digital, World Sailing

A promotional video created by Redtorch for World Sailing to attract host city bids for the next World Sailing Championships.

Contact if you’re interested in exploring how creative can help attract new sponsors and event hosts.