Waterman League today announced the appointment of REDTORCH as their official Digital Agency for its APP World Tour 2017.

“The inaugural APP World Tour will be our sport’s defining moment,” says Tristan Boxford, CEO, Waterman League Group.  “It’s the official World Championship Tour for Paddleboarding (also known as Stand Up Paddle): our brand-new identity and direction will bridge the gap between traditional and lifestyle sports.”

With a global schedule that includes 8 stops in 5 countries across 3 continents, Tristan believes the partnership with REDTORCH can introduce the sport to a whole new audience.

“The unique selling point of Paddleboarding is that’s it’s a form of surfing you can enjoy anywhere there’s water…surfing comes to the city!,” smiles Tristan.  “REDTORCH’s wealth of experience in digital, strategy, and communications makes them the perfect Agency to communicate our message and drive growth of the Tour.”

REDTORCH will create digital strategies, increase APP’s fan engagement, and grow live-stream viewing figures.

“The opportunity to partner with one of the world’s most innovative sports is a dream come true,” said Alex Ross, Commercial Director, REDTORCH.  “We’re now focused on communicating an unmissable sporting experience to a global audience of millions.”

The 2017 APP World Tour kicks off 11 – 24 February at Sunset Beach on Oahu’s North Shore, and includes the discipline of Surf.


The APP World Tour is the Official World Championship Tour for Paddleboarding.

Building on the foundations laid by the Waterman League (founded 2009), the Tour will connect the world through sports entertainment and all-inclusive participation. Specifically, APP World Tour looks to: grow the sport, create global superstars, deliver a dynamic show, and guarantee an all-inclusive experience.

The Tour is a collection of lifestyle festivals and includes the ideal mix of high-profile cities such as Tokyo, New York and San Francisco, and iconic destinations such as Hawaii and Canary Islands.

Learn more at www.appworldtour.com

Check out their Instagram @appworldtour, Facebook @appworldtour, YouTube @appworldttour