Jonny Murch

Family-man and entrepreneur. Loves a BBQ on the beach with friends (whatever the weather) as much as running across the North Downs (whatever the weather) with Meggie (my dog) by my side.

My most memorable sporting moment is … 
Spectating: the 2003 Rugby World Cup final, watching Jonny Wilkinson’s drop goal sail through the posts, made better through watching it in the Walkabout bar in Covent Garden.
Participating: lining up for Auckland University Colts in my first game in New Zealand back in 1997. It was one of those moments where you step up and be counted or get stepped on. Thankfully I chose the former.

I am happiest when ...
On skis – water or snow – doesn’t matter. Ideally with my family in tow.

The sports person that best represent me is … 
Richard Hill (former England Rugby No. 6) – nothing flash, quietly going about his business delivering high performance and inspiring those around him.

The three things at the top of my bucket list are …
Visit Mount Everest basecamp
2. To windsurf after work every day in the Summer
3. Learn how to play the Ukulele

 A quote I try to live my life by is ...
"Champions do extra."