February 2018 brought the Winter Olympic Games to our devices. Expecting to be blasted with exceptional content from the Olympic world, we were left feeling slightly disappointed.

Creating innovative and engaging content that keeps up with the pace of live events, such as the Olympic Games, is, after all, a serious challenge.

Still, a few entries in our February’s best creative did capitalise on the Winter Olympics; the rest came from ever-reliable big sports franchises such as Miami Heat, Philadelphia Eagles and Nike.

To kick things off, Google caught our eye with this simple creative visualising their most popular search terms related to PyeongChang 2018. It’s a great skill to be able to explain information in a fun way!

Custom graphics can bring an otherwise ordinary video to life. This one, created by Polyester Studio and Bensimon Byrne, uses fun graphics to complement the already emotive video content and form the trailer for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Winter Olympics coverage.

Speaking of good graphics, we love this thank-you message from the PyeongChang 2018 social media team. Those working in sport know the importance of using its tribal nature to their advantage. PyeongChang2018 has tapped into it in a humble and creative way with this image.

So what about the rest of the sports world?

Well, Tottenham Hotspur stole the show with this animation illustrating their journey through the UEFA Champions League group stage, tactfully including live commentary clips from each game. Notice the design team were also careful to include their shirt sponsor!

There are few things more disappointing than seeing your favourite sports team go AWOL on social media. 2018 Super Bowl Champions Philadelphia Eagles must feel this, because they created this fun post to let their fans know that after their epic victory, they were going to take a short break from social to enjoy the moment.

The 80s will always be cool, right?

Miami Heat seem to think so anyway. The NBA team has intelligently played on their hometown’s iconic series, Miami Vice, and created some easy-going 80s-themed content. What culture-crossovers can you find that will speak to your fans?

There are few organisations better at producing content that conveys so much with so little. Nike’s investment in Roger Federer continues to pay off, and it seems they wanted to communicate this through this short, simple video. Despite seeing only a net and a tennis ball going back and forth, and hearing the umpire say “game, set, match Federer”, we were left feeling seriously impressed with this creative.

Oh, and the copy is seriously good. Less is more.