This week’s 2019-20 NBA schedule release may sound boring, but NBA teams took to social media to bring the process to life.

Here are our top-6 2019-20 NBA schedule release videos.

1. Indiana Pacers – NOW STREAMING: The 2019-20 Pacers Schedule
Using the same interface as Netflix, the Pacers grouped teams together by relevant shows. The Toronto Raptors may have had the same idea, but the creativity behind the Pacers reveal topped it for us.
In ‘Our Planet’ the Pacers ‘traverse the wild’ to take on some of the league’s ‘most dangerous animals’ including the Hawks, Grizzlies and Timberwolves. Even the call-to-action at the end of the video stays on theme – pure genius.

2. Portland Trail Blazers – BREAKING NEWS: Small animals are adorable
The Trail Blazers got the memo to include super cute animals in their schedule. Puppies, kittens, otters and alpacas take over our screens as the team’s fixtures slowly scroll up on the side of the video.

Wait – did that otter just shoot a hoop?!
3. LA Clippers – 2019/2020 Special Edition 
The Clippers bring their schedule to life in comic book form.
The hilarious sketches include the Clippers inviting the Trail Blazers, Nuggets and Utah Jazz around for a backyard BBQ.

4. Utah Jazz – It’s time for Jazz Basketball
In a land of lego, Utah Jazz deliver their schedule from a replica of the Vivint Smart Home Arena.
The ‘news bulletin’ shows lego players switch vests to indicate new team rosters.

5. Orlando Magic – #MagicAboveAll
Magic by name, magic by schedule.
Orlando Magic use magicians to release their 2019-20 schedule. In this video four magicians amaze fans, players and employees as they perform magic tricks which correctly guess the matches they are looking forward to.

6. Dallas Mavericks – DALLAS is here
The Mavericks drum-up some homegrown support with their schedule reveal as they put their own spin on the opening credits of Dallas.

Mission accomplished – we are entertained – now it’s over to the players. Roll on Oct 22.
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