Redtorch welcomed the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) to this year's #SportOnSocial League Table, and spoke to their Head of Communications Marco Vettoretti about the opportunities around Tokyo 2020 ...

Marco Vettoretti, Head of Communications, IFSC

Have you already seen an impact on your social media as a result of your Olympic inclusion?

The impact on social media has been huge for a few years now, and the increased popularity of the sport itself definitely helped: climbing gyms are popping up everywhere around the world! Our athletes’ fanbases keep growing and growing, we can only benefit from that. Climbers are our most important asset, and the main goal on social media is to bring as many of them as possible under the spotlight, get people to know their stories, their personalities.

What opportunities do you think Olympic inclusion will bring to the sport of climbing?

Sport Climbing is a unique sport, and to have it in the Olympic programme in Tokyo 2020 and already confirmed in Paris 2024 is fantastic. Following our debut in Japan, we are confident that many opportunities will arise, on and offline, and we are definitely prepared to catch them.

In one word, describe the past 12 months …


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