The 2020 #SportOnSocial League Table has arrived, with the 4th edition seeing FIBA replace FIFA at the top of the Table.Here’s the man behind the numbers – Redtorch’s Head of Research and Insight Ollie Davis – to chat all things #SportOnSocial in its biggest year yet.

What is #SportOnSocial?
#SportOnSocial empowers rights holders with insight to enhance social media performance, ultimately inspiring more people to watch, participate and compete in their sport.

The #SportOnSocial League Table ranks IOC-recognised International Federations (IFs) according to their social media performance and is released each year by Redtorch.

The 2020 League Table and Report analysed 35 IFs on data collected 1 January to 31 December 2019.

The analysis gives IFs context to their performance on social. It encourages them to reflect on the purpose and value of their content, inspiring them to think of new ways to grow and engage audiences.

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How has #SportOnSocial evolved over the past 4 years?
#SportOnSocial was originally calculated on total followers and engagement rate for each IF on their main page and on each channel.

To gain further insight, we began including metrics such as growth rate and video views and started analysing more pages.

Today, #SportOnSocial ranks IFs on up to 8 metrics per platform and weights each platform on the average importance IFs place on them (from the results of the #SportOnSocial Survey 2019).

This year for the first time, we included year-on-year trends to add greater context to the findings and improve the value of the League Table.

Why is 2020 a big year for #SportOnSocial?
In an Olympic year when social will be saturated with incredible content, in-depth insight into ways to stand out from the crowd and engage fans is crucial.

Given this, we’ve gone above and beyond to pack this year’s edition with the most detailed insight.

We analysed more content than ever before – assessing over 220 pages and nearly 250k posts. In addition, we’ve included more case studies and interviews from industry leaders and experts.

What are your top 5 predictions for the 2021 League Table?

  1. There will be a greater emphasis on growth and brand awareness on Facebook which will result in an increase in fans.
  2. We’ll see more engagements per post due to an increase in creative campaigns leading up to the Olympics.
  3. There will be more video content on Instagram and subsequently more video views.
  4. Leading up to the Olympics, we’ll see increased use of archive content on YouTube and other creative ways of re-living past moments.
  5. Twitter will experience an upward trend in growth as an increase of fans will follow IFs for breaking news and latest results pre- and during the Olympic Games.

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