Redtorch, the award-winning global research, digital & creative agency, launches its new women-focussed initiative – She Moves The Game.

She Moves The Game is Redtorch’s commitment to play our part in shattering barriers, creating a level playing field, and celebrating the remarkable achievements of women in sport.

With a mission to champion and empower women at Redtorch and in sport, the agency wants to help revolutionise the perception of women’s sport and foster an environment of equality and recognition for female professionals, athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Despite significant progress in recent years, women’s sport still faces challenges in gaining the recognition it deserves. Women’s sport has seen particular growth in the United Kingdom and, with our strong connections across international sport, Redtorch is well positioned to continue to drive this growth worldwide.


Introducing the She Moves The Game Team:

A team effort

Diversity and inclusion are ingrained in our core values … She Moves The Game will be led by the talented and dedicated women on our team. However, it’s not just about women. It’s about fostering a collective effort that involves every staff member, regardless of gender, who shares the vision of empowering women in the sports industry.

Promoting relevance & visibility

Redtorch aims to make women’s sport more relevant to more people. We will produce compelling content to showcase the skill and determination of female athletes, highlighting their achievements and the passion they bring to their respective sports. 

Promoting careers in sport for women 

She Moves The Game is about more than celebrating those on the field; it will also push for more opportunities for women in the sports industry. The initiative will curate content that inspires, informs and guides women and girls into a range of sports-related careers, such as marketing, media, coaching and admin. 

Pulling together

As part of the initiative, Redtorch is committed to supporting and collaborating with those sports brands, organisations, teams and leagues that actively prioritise women’s sport. Using our extensive global client base and new strategic partnerships, we will amplify the message of gender equality in sport and extend the reach of She Moves The Game worldwide. 

CTA for the sports community 

The team is truly thrilled to unveil this empowering initiative. With She Moves The Game, we aim to drive meaningful change and create a lasting impact on women’s sport. We join the entire sports community on the journey for gender equality, meaningful change, and a lasting impact on women’s sport.

Jess Reus, Head of Communications & Women’s Sport Lead 

Join us!

Stay on top of all the latest developments and stories surrounding She Moves The Game by following Redtorch on LinkedIn and visiting our website. We encourage everyone to use the hashtag She Moves The Game to join the conversation and become part of an uplifting story. 

Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can show the world that women’s sport moves the game. 

For inquiries, please contact: 

Jess Reus 
Head of Communications & Women’s Sport Lead
+44 (0) 7719 021 663 

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