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SportOnSocial is the Redtorch-powered collection of proprietary tools that provides sports with the insights needed to stay relevant, effectively blend sport and culture, and drive growth across digital and social media.

SportOnSocial now provides business intelligence to Communications, Commercial, and Development teams at many of the biggest organisations in world sport.

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SportOnSearch is the only report ranking 55 of the world’s biggest sports properties based on search in 2023 compared to their previous 4-year average.

It’s our continued belief that search is a simple – although obviously not the only – indicator of interest in (and subsequently brand health of) a sports property.

The report provides insights to help you make the right decisions to improve the brand health of your sport.

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The best sports campaigns can transcend marketing to become part of culture. They have the power to make organisations more human, memorable and relatable. They can inspire our audience to think, feel and do something entirely new.

So how do we get the most out of these incredibly powerful tools?

SportOnCreative has been produced to answer precisely that question. Each episode we’ll be unpicking the world’s greatest campaigns with the people who made them so that we can learn from the very best in the business and have some fun along the way.

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