In partnership with ANOC, Redtorch has just led the first ever ANOC Digital Accelerator Programme workshop.

The interactive workshop – attended by 270 people from 115 NOCs and 4 Continental Associations – is ANOC’s latest step to equip NOCs with the knowledge and tools to enhance their social media performances.

During the workshop, Redtorch presented key topics, including:

  • the importance of developing a social media strategy and content plan
  • how to track and measure social media progress
  • best practice in developing a content strategy
  • how to resource a social media team

ANOC Secretary General Gunilla Lindberg opened the workshop and said:

“This is the first workshop that ANOC is hosting because we recognise that there is an important need from many NOCs to improve their social media.

Social media is a highly effective and cost-effective way for NOCs to promote their athletes and organisations and connect with their key audiences. By organising this workshop we can provide an important introduction to the fundamentals of social media and begin the process of increasing cooperation and exchange of ideas between NOCs.”

The ANOC Digital Accelerator Programme – developed by Redtorch in partnership with ANOC – aims to improve NOC’s short and long-term digital performance via custom-built tools and interactive workshops.

For further information
Please contact:
Chris Argyle-Robinson, Strategy Director, Redtorch
T: +44(0)7866 366 086