From REDTORCH CEO Jonny Murch to digital gurus in Olympic sport.

Join me in Lausanne!

REDTORCH #SportOnSocial event: an exclusive opportunity to discuss the findings of our 2019 #SportOnSocial survey.

When and where?

Tuesday 22 October 2019, 17:00-20:00pm, Lausanne

What’s in it for you?

ASOIF Future of Sport highlights the competition faced by International Federations (IFs), and the need to innovate to stay relevant.
The REDTORCH survey provides the following fascinating revelations:

  • IF comparative benchmarks
  • how IFs use social media
  • IF digital strengths, challenges and areas of growth
  • how an acceleration of digital and social media performance enables IFs to build and increase direct relationships with consumers

Event benefits:  

  • learn what progressive IFs are doing across social media
  • understand latest social media trends
  • an opportunity to analyse and challenge current thinking
  • discover ways for change and improvement

For further information and to register for this year’s event contact Carolyn:

Your fundamental question answered: How can we engage and grow our audiences?

At the #SportOnSocial event, REDTORCH will show you how to improve your performance on social media – inspiring more people to watch, participate and compete.
Join us and enjoy:
Keynote from an exciting speaker (to be announced soon)
Q & A with panel of expert speakers, to include:

  • what are the main questions IFs ask about social media?
  • how many IFs analyse their audiences? What do they aim to achieve by doing so?
  • what platforms generate the biggest successes?
    • what platforms do IFs intend to launch on next? Why?
    • how many IFs use paid media? How much do they spend?
    • what social media priorities and challenges do IFs have as they look ahead to 2020?

For further information and to register for this year’s #SportOnSocial event contact Carolyn: