To position UCI as the no.1 cycling account on TikTok


      1. Achieve 25k new followers
      2. Co-create 100 pieces of content using athletes and rider reposts
      3. Create content that represents all 10 UCI disciplines


We needed to present UCI’s events and disciplines in a fresh way that resonated with a younger audience. We wanted to create the community for cycling fans on TikTok, bringing them closer to their favourite disciplines and athletes.


UCI’s point of difference against cycling industry competitors was clear: it has unrivalled access to event footage and an extensive athlete database.

At Redtorch, we have an army of ‘creators’ at our disposal whose ability to create entertaining, trending content is unmated.

Using these two key differentials were crucial to the success of the account and delivering content that cycling fans – and the wider TikTok user base – wanted to see. We were able to highlight lesser-known disciplines that would work well on TikTok such as Cycle-ball and Cyclo-cross, showcasing them to new audiences worldwide.

Content needed to be created regularly and using the latest trending hashtags, sounds and challenges. If you’re not active on TikTok, you’re not relevant. This also meant being active in the community. Engagement with fans and support of the cycling audience would be crucial to our success.

We also ensured that content was relatable. We wanted to highlight the exciting aspects of cycling as well as the challenges that every cyclist faces in an entertaining and inspiring way.

We shed a light on every UCI discipline and created light-hearted, entertaining content that would boost the profile of every discipline and inspire others to start pedalling.

Interesting Facts

1. UCI TikTok grew in size by 745% in 2022

2. UCI ranked 1st among cycling industry competitors for content shared

3. 15 videos were created with athletes at live events and behind-the-scenes

4. Engagement rate on videos was 173% higher than the cycling industry average

The UCI has never been as close with a research, digital and creative agency as we are with Redtorch.

Zack CooperDigital Content Manager

Union Cycliste Internationale

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