Boost brand awareness of Fédération Equestre Internationale’s (FEI) headline sponsor Longines around the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup Final.


1. awareness:
– 7m impressions

2. engagement:
– 4k votes in the competition
– 70k engagements on campaign social posts

3. conversion:
– 400 entries in the competition

key insight

FEI audience research showed us its fanbase could be split into two segments:

1. those who love following elite competition (regularly exposed to Longines)
2. horse lovers/casual fans who don’t follow specific athletes or events

For significant audience uplift, the latter group would be targeted while still keeping hardcore fans engaged.

We wanted this campaign to unite all equestrians through a shared dream… to play a part in Jumping history on the biggest stage.

Much like how equestrian sport is for everyone no matter their age, gender, race, or sexuality – it is the only Olympic sport where men and women compete against each other – we wanted our campaign to be inclusive of everyone.


Only one thing could delight sports’ fans more than watching their favourites live – and that’s being part of the action. For the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup Final, we aimed to achieve just that with the Longines #MyDreamJump Challenge – a money-can’t-buy experience.

Giving Longines the edge meant harnessing its unique advantage over its competitors… unrivalled access to FEI competitions. The idea devised was for a user-generated campaign where people could design their dream jump for the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup Final course. One lucky winner would have theirs brought to life and win a VIP money-can’t-buy experience to America to watch it in action.

To drive entries, it was critical to maximise impressions by getting this campaign in front of as many equestrian fans globally as possible – from a wide-range of countries, ages, and backgrounds.

This matched Redtorch’s own purpose: to make sport more relevant to more people.

To achieve this, we used four activation phases:

1. Launch – deliver ‘eyeballs’ and spread the word

Delivering impressions meant using FEI Global and FEI Jumping-specific social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Reddit. With the help of equestrian influencer connections, this activity delivered an initial tease.

2. Entries – provide inspiration, engagement, and campaign stickiness

People submitted and viewed designs on a dedicated webpage – delivering engagement and increased dwell time. Equestrian influencers, athletes, and commentators got involved by designing and sharing their jumps in fun video content.

Competition judges – two international athletes, the FEI Jumping Director, an FEI course designer, and the Vice President of Marketing at Longines – also encouraged involvement by recording CTA videos.

We generated 150 social media posts on five platforms and shared 72 unique jump designs from the public in six weekly reels. The campaign was also promoted at FEI events with OOH branding, QR codes, and a dedicated stand for in-person entries.

3. Voting – the public have a say

As the competition ended, the vote opened to the public. As well as the main winner, two others would be recognised for creativity and elegance of their designs and receive a luxury Longines goody bag. To drive votes, shortlisted designs were shared as carousels on Instagram. People were then directed to vote from all FEI digital channels.

4. Reveal – the winner is announced

Delivering impressions was crucial here by sharing the story of the winning design and the jump’s creation. This was captured through editorial, pictures, and video. Our winner was horse-mad 13-year-old Juna from Slovenia. She enjoyed a VIP trip to visit America for the first time in her life, to watch the FEI Longines World Cup Final in Omaha with her journey and reaction to seeing her jump being shared. This phase was a feel-good conclusion with Longines at the heart of the content.

Getting equestrian fans to actively engage with Longines was always the challenge. Convincing people to comment on content is no small feat on its own, let alone inspiring them to go away, become artists, and submit designs.

The campaign seamlessly blended digital and traditional marketing, and equestrians actively embraced it, incorporating Longines’ logo into their designs and creating valuable branded content.

The ultimate result from the campaign was making a 13 year-old’s dream come true:

“I was very proud and happy to see the best of the best jump over my obstacle. It’s hard to describe it in words.

My love for equestrian is already so great, but the trip had a big impact on my goals regarding sport and Jumping, I hope one day I will compete in the final.”

Juna Keselj Djokovic
Competition winner



entries (157.5% of KPI)


votes (168.1% of KPI)


engagements (124.3% of KPI)


Impressions (150.0% of KPI)


the Longines #MyDreamJump Challenge story

The FEI worked alongside Redtorch who, with their extensive experience in fan engagement projects, played a pivotal role in bringing the Longines #MyDreamJump Challenge to life. The project is a good example of what can transpire when sport, art and Creative Agencies with unique ideas come together.
Ralph StrausCommercial DirectorFEI

We’re thrilled by the remarkable level of fan engagement the Longines #MyDreamJump campaign achieved. This collaboration with Redtorch not only ignited the imagination of the equestrian community but also effectively showcased the Longines brand to thousands of engaged fans across the globe.
Stéphane SchwanderHead Of DigitalFEI

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