To make this year’s World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Play True Day campaign the biggest yet.

key insight

To make this the biggest Play True Day we needed a campaign that would unite all of WADA’s potential audiences, not just the anti-doping community.


This led us to create #OnePlayTrueTeam – a campaign that invited everyone to join the world’s biggest team playing together for clean sport.

To bring the community together we asked people to pledge support and join the world’s biggest team photo. We used the full breadth of the business – the research & performance lab, digital suite, and creative studio – to do this.

The campaign launched with a scripted film that shows that your #OnePlayTrueTeam could be your teammates, coaches, family, or friends … In other words, anybody that supports you in your clean sport journey.

This film was followed by a UGC campaign in which the global sporting community was invited to share a picture of their #OnePlayTrueTeam and they responded in their thousands.

The Redtorch Creative Studio designed social media templates that were available to download from the WADA website. This meant it was easy for everyone to get involved and that all content shared by athletes, international federations, the anti-doping community and the general public was instantly recognisable as part of the campaign.

The campaign extended from digital to print with onsite activations at this year’s WADA Symposium where the anti-doping community gathered to show their commitment to the cause. Here there was a physical representation of “the world’s biggest team playing together for clean sport” as attendees were invited to take a snap in the dedicated photo booth and add it to the #OnePlayTrueTeam photo wall.

Redtorch has also created a #OnePlayTrueTeam athlete engagement experience that will see WADA tour continental multi-sport events starting with the European Games in Poland in June.




social media engagements


social media reach


increase in reach from 2021

We wanted to say an immense and heartfelt thank you for all your work on this campaign that helped make it a success.

Mariam Diaby

Senior Manager, Communications and Digital Marketing

World Anti-Doping Agency

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