To help United World Wrestling (UWW) become the leading sports wrestling brand in target markets including USA, Eastern Europe and Japan.


1. Be savvy, be active, and grow on all social media channels
2. Replicate Instagram success on other social media channels
3. Have a clear social media content strategy for 2022

key insight

As the world governing body for wrestling and a leading industry expert, UWW has a large and engaged fan base. Retaining and growing these audiences is key to achieving this goal.


Redtorch partnered with UWW to help grow its audience through a four-part project that included the creation of a social media strategy. The social media strategy was developed using insights derived from in-depth audience analysis of the current UWW digital audience and from wider market research.

In order to develop an effective social media strategy for UWW, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of the current UWW audience and the combat sports market they were operating in. Our approach involved a tailored solution that included the following key components:

Extensive social media audit: We conducted an audit of UWW’s social media channels, assessing both quantitative and qualitative aspects of their channels. This audit provided valuable insights into their current performance and identified areas for improvement.

Market Research: To gain a comprehensive understanding of UWW’s target audience, we conducted market research across at least 15 global markets with over 3,000 respondents. We also conducted desk research, leveraged Redtorch’s #SocialOnSocial database, and created a custom survey to generate unique first-party insights about the UWW audience.

By combining the insights from our social media audit, in-depth market research, and the strategic implementation of creativity and branding, we were able to create a robust social media strategy that positioned UWW for success and audience expansion.


UWW has seen a huge increase in reach, views, and engagement for the European and Asian Championships across all channels since last year.

Asian Championships


people reached (+361%)


total views (+779%)


total engagements (+1,500%)

European Championships


people reached (+100%)


total views (+779%)


total engagements (+559%)

I’m tremendously proud of our achievements over the last year. Redtorch’s strategic approach to social media has empowered us to continue to raise the bar higher and higher for wrestling.

Gordon Templeman

Director – Commercial Operations & Communications

United World Wrestling

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