To help grow BWF digital audiences and increase audience interest in playing Badminton as a result of the sport’s participation in the Games.

Do this without access to video highlights of the action because of Olympics’ rights issues.


To provide insights for our creative strategy we undertook research into the target audience, their online behaviour and their content preferences

Our research sampled over 105k social badminton players in 12 key markets via GlobalWebIndex – and combined the results with previous research and other digital signals to generate insights.

We discovered that badminton fans aren’t just focused on competition. Really, it’s about people who enjoy playful entertainment, feel a strong connection to their heritage, and enjoy the social side of the sport.


We focused our campaign on the uniquely strong sense of community that exists within badminton.

Introducing ‘Raise a Racket’- our Olympic and Paralympic campaign for BWF.

#Tokyo2020 would be a Game unlike any other because of Covid, athletes would miss that essential part of live sport – the support of their fans.

That’s why we invited fans of badminton to raise their racket in support of the sport, the athletes and the national teams they love.

We launched with an inspirational film that introduced the concept of Raise a Racket and invited athletes and fans to share a picture or video of themselves raising their racket and using the hashtag in support of the sport.

Fans were encouraged to nominate a friend or teammate to raise theirs.

In the build-up to matches, fans were invited to post a racket emoji for the player that they want to win.

Post-match, fans were invited to celebrate by post a racket emoji in support of their nation.



new followers gained






video views




page views

#RaiseARacket was awesome. Simple.

Owen LeedCommercial & Communications DirectorBWF

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