World governing body the UCI wants to grow its audiences and sell against greater commercial potential but realised it needed to understand its current and potential audiences, by each discipline, better.


Rights-owners that have a deep understanding of their audience interests, behaviours and attitudes are well positioned to develop a digital strategy to drive audience growth, communicate the value of their audience, and identify new commercial opportunities. 


Deep-dive into UCI current and potential audiences across multiple digital touchpoints and production of first-party audience data via a skip-logic multilingual survey, generating insight to answer 3 x key questions:  

Who are UCI’s current digital audiences? 

Where can UCI grow its digital audiences? 

What will grow and retain UCI’s digital audiences? 

The methodology? Redtorch –

1. distributed a multilingual survey via UCI’s digital channels to gain an understanding of the behaviours, motivations and attitudes of multiple stakeholders – including fans, amateur cyclists, professional cyclists and National Federations 

2. segmented these stakeholder groups by demographic and socioeconomic characteristics through the development of robust audience personas 

3. supplemented first-party data with a global research panel which came up with initiatives for fan engagement as well as new cycling audiences 

4. employed its proprietary audience growth model to identify markets best placed to have the greatest impact on audience numbers


1. 2k survey responses generating significant first-party data for analysis
2. Production of a 100+ page report (and condensed version) providing a comprehensive review, analysis and recommendations
3. Presentation of key findings to UCI team and its roster of sponsors
4. Provided actionable insights into UCI’s current and potential digital audiences by discipline and market
5. Identified key growth principles and content recommendations for sustainable audience growth and engagement
6. Created an understanding of purchasing habits and cycling habits of fans to grow sponsorship revenue through sponsor retention and growth

The UCI has greatly increased its digital activity in recent times, and we saw this as the perfect moment to further expand and rethink our overall digital strategy. Redtorch’s in-depth research and insights are invaluable and have been extremely well-received throughout the UCI. The Report will definitely help us understand and redefine our strategy for years to come.
Adrien De CheveignéHead of DigitalUnion Cycliste Internationale (UCI)

Adrien de Cheveigné

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