In May 2017 Lagardère Sports and Entertainment signed a strategic media partnership with the International Weightlifting Federation.​

Redtorch was tasked by Lagardère to generate audience and events insights to reimagine the IWF Grand Prix.​


Lagardère Sports and Entertainment had the following objectives to improve the marketing of the sport worldwide:​

1. Develop the competition format and presentation to appeal to a larger and younger audience​
2. Make the sport more commercially attractive​
3. Develop a new IWF Grand Prix (similar to Rugby Sevens or Twenty20 Cricket)​


Redtorch aggregated and analysed multiple data points, including digital analytics, athlete and event data to generate insight into weightlifting and affiliate sports audiences.​

Desk research into five successful short format events provided insight into the marketing mix for each, including Product, Price, Place and Promotion.​

A series of recommendations for a new weightlifting event format, and presentation of weightlifting were made, including how these may be used to underpin future commercial strategies.


Redtorch identified three new concepts for the IWF Grand Prix, each of which supported different audience types.​

The concepts ranged from developing the existing competition to totally reinventing the sport, creating a complete entertainment package.​

Redtorch created a ‘pick and mix’ of elements from each concept to enable Lagardère Sports and Entertainment to build their perfect solution.


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Alice Permain, Sports Content Manager, Broadcast and Digital

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