When FISE Montpellier 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19, action sports were in trouble. Riders livelihoods were in jeopardy, sponsors were left without recognition. The industry was on its knees.

Riders needed support in the absence of live events and fans across the world needed uniting. Virtually.


1. Replace FISE Montpellier 2020 which was cancelled due to COVID-19
2. Provide athletes with the opportunity to compete and win prize money
3. Engage and unite the action sports community during COVID-19
4. Generate value for sponsors


E-FISE Montpellier by HONOR (E-FISE) was an innovative solution to the cancellation of FISE Montpellier – an event that usually attracts over 650,000 spectators.

The contest offered athletes a generous €150,000 prize pot, while bringing the entertainment of a live event to a virtual stage for fans and sponsors alike.

E-FISE received entries from 85 countries and reached millions across the globe. Supported by both existing and new sponsors, the initiative helped build a legacy with partners and host cities who would otherwise be without exposure.

Our combined communications and digital output was shared with FISE’s 1.4m social media followers, action sports stars, musicians and entertainers.

To reach the intended target audience, we used our in-depth audience analysis techniques to identify new fans and drive conversions to the purpose-built website. We developed a platform-specific strategy, using our data-driven knowledge and utilised media buying to reach global audiences. The results saw over 200k views on the live Winners’ ceremony hosted on Twitch.

Content was distributed by hundreds of riders from different nations and picked up by millions of action sports fans around the world.

E-FISE enabled FISE to continue supporting their loyal athletes and fans during tough times. Every stakeholder was catered for. Not only were riders invited to compete, but elements of the live event were brought to a virtual stage. Awesome for fans, sponsors and partners. Webstivals (online festivals) provided performances, rider interviews and music live from host city venues and streamed live on Twitch.

We utilised each platform for different purposes:

– Stories for ad-hoc posting, time-sensitive content and livestream coverage.

– Instagram and Facebook for sharing edits, key information, qualifiers and winning runs.

– YouTube and DailyMotion for the results hub, where qualifying entries were shared in discipline-specific playlists.

To transfer FISE’s festival culture of live performances, graffiti displays, and local initiatives to a digital stage we hosted:

(i) Webstival

Sponsored by RADAR – dedicated supporter of up-and-coming music talent. They were the perfect fit.

The Webstivals included rider and influencer interviews (Joe Atkinson, Aurélie Godet, José Garcia), live Breaking performances, live DJ sets and performances from the likes of DJ GETDOWN, BRÖ and N’SEVEN7.

(ii) Awards Ceremony

The E-FISE winners were announced on a livestreamed Awards Ceremony. A male or a female winner from each E-FISE category was interviewed for behind-the-scenes content.

(iii) Inside E-FISE

An Instagram Live takeover activation ran in the build-up to discipline entry dates.

Well-known discipline commentators and judges hosted the live @fiseworld and invited some special guests to join them, discussing all things E-FISE as well as what life is like as an action sports athlete.

Hosts included Skateboarding’s Tomas Vintr and Flatland commentator Claude Hickman, with guests such as Nils Jansons, the Jumelin family, Mery Muñoz and Ke’Chaud Johnson.

Watch some of the best edits from E-FISE

Interesting Facts

1. The contest received entries from 85 countries.

2. A minimum prize fund of €150k was available (matching that of the Live FISE Montpellier).

3. The contest ran for 4 months and included a public vote, live finals and webstivals, and behind-the-scenes content.

4. 5 discipline-specific sponsors were brought on board.

5. We clocked up 446 hours delivering E-FISE.



people reached


live views of the winner' ceremony


video views


fan votes




agency hours spent delivering the project

I've been blown away by the level of support provided by Redtorch on E-FISE. Their team has worked tirelessly to go above and beyond and we couldn't be more grateful.
Joseph VilleflayouxDirector of Marketing and CommunicationsFISE/Hurricane Group

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