Brands around the world have searched for ways to activate their sport sponsorships during COVID. Longines was no different. As a long-term partner to the FEI, they needed to fill the void left by the cancellation of key named series.


1. Ensure Longines-branded content reached key markets
2. Drive traffic to the Longines website
3. Prime new potential customers
4. Increase knowledge/awareness, engagement, and relevance of Longines as a premium watch brand


The challenge was clear: ensure Longines received value from its FEI sponsorship during a time when there were no live events.

We knew we needed to think differently. We also knew FEI audiences wanted positive news when lockdown struck. They needed an escape, and they needed something fun and highly personalised.

This led us to launch lockdown’s number 1 quiz: #HorseOClock with Longines.

The eight-question, equestrian-themed quiz was designed to match FEI fans with the Longines watch most suited to their personality. Embedded within the results page were links a) to visit the Longines e-commerce store and b) to share their results on social.

An agile three-stage activation strategy was implemented:

Stage 1: Maximise awareness to key audiences (week 1)
Stage 2: Scale audiences and optimise conversions (weeks 2-3)
Stage 3: Conversion optimisation (weeks 4-6)

We used a variety of owned and paid media to maximise impact at each stage.

Owned media tactics included:  optimising social media posts across FEI’s numerous social channels, press releases to equine- and watch-specific media, and quiz CTA pop-ups on the FEI website.

Paid media was delivered through a two-step process:

Step 1: targeted adverts on Facebook and Instagram to reach existing fans
Step 2: dark post adverts to target people who had engaged with, but not completed, the quiz

Owned and paid media are only effective if supported by creative that cuts through. Data-driven content analysis enabled us to create and apply a simple yet effective look and feel throughout the campaign. We created a total of 46 posts that varied from graphic to video, ensuring our audiences remained engaged.

Watch the #HorseOclock Launch Video

Interesting Facts

1. A paid media budget of 2,000 CHF generated over 12,000 quiz completions

2. 6,000 people who completed the quiz went on to visit the Longines website

3. Redtorch produced an end-to-end solution: we built the bespoke quiz, created, managed and delivered the campaign plan/communication, paid media and reporting




quiz completions


fan engagements






website page views


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This project has demonstrated that with Redtorch, we can overcome difficult times and come up with creative ideas to deliver great values even with no live sport. The spirit and expertise of the entire team at Redtorch is with no doubt the horsepower of these fantastic results.
Stéphane SchwanderHead of Digital, Commercial DepartmentInternational Equestrian Federation

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