The Over The Top (OTT) market has gone through significant changes in the last 10 years.​

In 2016 the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) commissioned Redtorch to conduct market research to provide them with insight to make informed decisions about the future of their own OTT platform Eurovision Sports Live (​


The EBU required insight to understand:​

1. The current market position of Eurovision Sports Live​
2. Drivers, challenges, trends and commercial models in the OTT market​
3. OTT sports audiences – market size, demographics and psychographics


Redtorch conducted desk research to identify where Eurovision Sports Live was positioned in the market in relation to:​

1. Rights holders – commercial and not-for-profit​
2. Broadcasters – EBU members and non-members​
3. Social media channels​

Redtorch researched the wider sports and entertainment OTT market, providing insights including:​

— Top OTT providers and best practices​
— Key drivers and their impact on the global OTT market​
— Key challenges and their impact on the global OTT market​
— Key trends and their impact on the global OTT market​
— Commercial models and their strengths and weaknesses​

Finally, we generated intelligence about the size, demographics and psychographics of audiences interested in 7 x Summer sports and 3 x Winter sports of high priority to the EBU.


Three comprehensive reports were produced for and presented to the EBU titled:

1. Market research – OTT industry insights
2. Revenue models – Opportunities and Recommendations
3. Eurovision Sports Live – Current brand position and future recommendations

The insights provided throughout the report and during your presentation are very helpful for us when deciding on our future strategy.
Head of Digital, Commercial DepartmentEBU

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