FISE World Series requested a hero campaign to maintain brand interest and high levels of digital engagement across their channels in-between competitions.


FISE World Series had the following objectives:

1.  Raise awareness of G-SHOCK via a digital sponsorship activation campaign that aligns with FISE World Series audience interests and motivations
2. Engage action sports fans during a time when no FISE World Series event is taking place
3. Work with leading action sports influencers to generate real, unadulterated interaction


Redtorch designed and delivered a user-generated content (UGC) campaign in which professional and amateur action sports athletes shared videos of the best line (a series of tricks) they could do in under 21 seconds. The videos were shared on social media using the hashtag #21seconds. The riders and athletes became the content creators and heroes of the campaign. ​

Authenticity is a number one priority for the action sports community. Redtorch placed G-SHOCK at the heart of the #21seconds conversation in a way that delivered brand association with something the action sports community is passionate about, and without overly elaborating the fan experience.



social media engagements




video views on social media


#21seconds website visits

We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest agencies, but none has proved as successful as Redtorch! The insights they uncover are priceless, and they always deliver data-driven campaigns that achieve outcomes that matter.
Joseph VilleflayouxMarketing & Communications DirectorFISE

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